Importance of Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Repair

A properly working chimney vents smoke and other gases, including carbon monoxide, out of the house. To do this it needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly.

Chimney sweeps used to be children between the ages of five and eleven. They faced many perils. Their bones were often deformed and they suffered from the first recorded industrial cancer. visit for chimney sweep brainerd mn.


Your fireplace is often the focal point of family gatherings and events, and it may be featured in many family photos. However, a dirty chimney is not only unsightly but also smelly and difficult to use.

If a chimney is not swept regularly, soot and creosote build up on its inner walls. These substances slow airflow, making it harder for the fire to burn. They can also expose the masonry and lining of your chimney to high temperatures, which causes them to degrade.

Additionally, creosote is flammable, and excessive creosote glaze on chimneys’ interior walls can reduce their ability to vent smoke and carbon monoxide safely through your home. This prevents the harmful gas from exiting the flue and can cause health problems, such as breathing difficulties and carbon monoxide poisoning. This is especially dangerous because carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless and invisible. It can also damage your home, costing you more money for repairs.


A chimney that is not swept regularly is at risk of a fire. Creosote — the sticky, flakey residue that results from wood-burning fireplaces — can build up to more than an inch thick and is highly flammable. It also irritates the eyes and skin.

During the cleaning process, chimney sweeps will put on protective gear (a dust mask and goggles) and use a brush with metal bristles to scrape the chimney’s lining. They may begin from the fireplace itself or, in some cases, start on the roof and work their way down the chimney.

Even homeowners who only use gas-powered stoves occasionally need to have their chimneys swept. This is because gas fire flues act as an exhaust system that removes carbon monoxide from the home. If the flue becomes blocked, it could cause dangerous levels of CO in the house. In addition, it may be difficult for homeowners to detect a problem until it is too late.


When chimneys are swept, the sweep removes creosote, which is the byproduct of burning wood. This substance clings to the walls of your fireplace or stovepipe and can burn in high temperatures, causing a chimney fire. Sweeps also remove animals, nests and other debris. They use long wire brushes to clean the chimney and hand-held brushes to reach tight spaces. Before a sweep begins, you should clear up logs, other debris and anything else that could get in the way of cleaning.

Many people believe that chimney sweeping is messy, and it can be if you hire the wrong company. However, when you choose a professional chimney sweep service, they take precautions to minimize the mess. They will lay a path of plastic-backed sheets from your front door to the fireplace opening, and they will use a shop vac to decrease soot dust in your home. This will prevent soot and dirt from falling onto furniture, carpeting and flooring.

Carbon Monoxide

Chimneys are built to vent smoke, carbon dioxide, and other harmful gases out of the house. However, when they are clogged with creosote or other debris, smoke and dangerous toxins will linger in the home. Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous because it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Inhaling it will not only cause respiratory problems but can lead to more serious conditions like cancer.

Creosote build-up is flammable and is the main cause of chimney fires. Sweeping your chimney regularly will remove this flammable byproduct and reduce the risk of fires.

A clogged chimney will also hinder the ventilation of your fireplace and stove. A professional chimney sweep can clear any obstructions from the flue and improve the overall efficiency of your fireplace or wood stove. This will not only increase the safety of your home but can save you money on energy bills as well. A professional chimney sweep will have the right tools and personal protective equipment to handle this work safely.

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