In The Market For Wood Plank Porcelain Tiles? Read This First.

It’s simple to understand why oak flooring is so popular; the warm, natural tones it emits make your house seem cozier and more welcoming. It’s worth noting, though, that genuine wood requires a lot of attention in order to keep it from withering over time.

In addition to this, many older homes are endowed with historic wooden floors that have been concealed behind aged carpets and can be meticulously restored to provide a beautifully original and evocative finish. A lot of contemporary homes have poor flooring or even concrete floors, which many homeowners find when they remove their old carpets.

Laminate is a popular choice for recreating the appearance of wood. However, even though laminate wood flooring is a popular choice, it does not provide the same level of durability and toughness that genuine wood offers since it is prone to scratching and denting. As a result, laminate is just a short-term solution.

If you’re looking to bring the look of genuine wood into your bathroom or kitchen, laminate isn’t the best option. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have the look of real wood in other parts of your home.

If you want your flooring to seem warm and inviting, wood plank porcelain tiles are a no-brainer solution.

Despite the fact that few materials are as efficient as real timber, it doesn’t imply it’s the best option for every area. If you think of bathrooms, you might be reminded of the ubiquitously quoted adage that “water and wood shall never meet.” If you don’t care for inflated beams and pervasive oiling, you should avoid this material at all costs.

There are new digitally-printed timber tiles that can give the look and feel on your walls without the hassle. For example, consider wood plank porcelain tiles. Grooves, movement, and character abound in these recovered and restored oak flooring-inspired pieces, which aren’t afraid of a little moisture. Some or all. So they’re ideal for that rustic washroom or aged shower room that you’ve got in mind.

The damaged, rough-hewn look of salvage yard lumber sets it apart. You could use this to create the custom accent wall you’ve always dreamed of for the bathroom behind the tub, right?

Actually, that’s not quite accurate. Water and wood don’t mix unless you’re into bentwood. But don’t worry, wood plank porcelain tile is come to save the day. All-day long, you may splash, splash, and splash these planks since they’re made of porcelain that’s impermeable to water.

Is there anything else you’d want to add? They aren’t afraid of a little steam. It’s safe to say that these salvaged-style planks provide a little savoriness to the bathroom. What’s the point of using real wood when they look so good? For best results, we recommend keeping the remainder of your bathroom basic so that your feature wall stands out.

Even though porcelain planks are only a few years old, they’ve already received a lot of praise. In addition to their low maintenance requirements, did you know that they are also extremely hardy to harsh weather and frost? And that they won’t fade in the harsh sunlight? Win.

Our default behavior, while we’re basking in the sun, is to drink gin, tuck into a grilled cheese sandwich, and relax in our backyards. Especially when they’re this good-looking, to begin with. It’s wonderful news if you’re looking for something more appealing than decking and better than brick, as porcelain planks can be applied to almost any exterior wall. Moss and other green pests aren’t an issue also, though, as long as you give your walls a fast jet-wash once a year.

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