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PHPGurukul is one of the premier platforms to learn a lot related to various technologies, languages, etc. A leader in technology learning, it has now announced the release of a new WordPress tutorial program. This program is designed to make beginner website developers well versed with word press technology. WordPress is the most popular blogging tool as it is easy to learn and set up. It is an open-source, online website-building tool based on MySQL and PHP programming languages. It has a comprehensive content management system (CMS) that makes maintenance easy. It also has thousands of plugins, enhancements, etc., that make it intuitive and useful. With the WordPress tutorial from PHPgurukul, you will learn everything you need to know in creating a website using WordPress.

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It is important for software developers to learn WordPress as it has grown to the most popular and the biggest CMS in the world. More than 75 million websites are powered by WordPress. If you want to create a best ranking site, you need WordPress, no doubt about it. If you want to become a WordPress expert, you need to attend the tutorial classes from PHPgurukul. They pinpoint gaps in learning and give dedicated classes to improve the understanding of the technology. Software developers can improve their skills and become better paid with the help of their tutorials.

The targeted improvements inherent in the tutorial program are a special feature that is not available with others. Coaching, execution, knowledge reinforcement, and skill development, you name it, PHPGurukul, provide it in their program. It expands the ability of teachers to coach their students, effectively preparing them for future opportunities. 

According to the Chief program designer, “the ability of the coaches to empower the students in effectively solving technical problems is the key differentiating factor in the industry. The company incorporates a number of important foundational capabilities to improve the student’s skills to solve challenging problems, collaborate with others, and be confident in their abilities. Their unique ability to identify critical blind spots in learning and better understand the market requirements is useful to the students’ future prospects.”

Their unique value includes capacity-based training and giving importance to individuals. They can identify the mistakes of students quickly and provide suggestions to improve their productivity and accuracy. This program also helps reduce churn and ensures that the students can thrive in a high-performance culture. We provide the students with the necessary tools to create a website and have a standard based ranking system that identifies individual strengths and weaknesses.

Their program also gives actionable insights to the students by measuring and comparing their relative performance with industry benchmarks and peers. The score will give a comprehensive view of the student’s capability. With this information, prospective companies can identify the right candidate for their business outcomes. Their WordPress tutorial program aims to maximize the impact on the digital industry.

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