Is BigCommerce Good for SEO? [What Can a BigCommerce SEO Agency Optimize?]

There are over 50,000 active websites on BigCommerce. The platform, which follows a SaaS model, enables easy management of inventory, admin and customer accounts, payment, and so much more.

Perhaps your business is built on BigCommerce. If it is, you may be wondering how you can get your eCommerce website in front of the eyes of more online shoppers, organically in Google searches.

One of the most common searches (about BigCommerce) on the web is “Is BigCommerce good for SEO?” Well, here’s what you need to know.

Is BigCommerce Good for SEO?
BigCommerce is inherently no better or worse for search engine optimization (SEO) than any other eCommerce platform, including Magento and Shopify, or even CMS platforms like WordPress.

A BigCommerce platform can be either very adroitly or very poorly optimized. It depends on how the administrator runs it.

That said, there are some things that make BigCommerce a little easier to optimize than open-source platforms like WordPress and Magento.

As a SaaS, it has naturally high security, and high site speeds as well. Site administrators don’t need to worry about making contact patches or updates, or managing their own data center.

BigCommerce also has some other user-friendly features that seem to have been created with SEO in mind.

For one, BigCommerce automatically generates an XML sitemap. BigCommerce also is compatible with a number of SEO-friendly themes that are easy to configure, install, customize and optimize.

The platform itself makes it easy to add titles, meta descriptions, and other content to pages, as well as to adjust URL slugs to make them more SEO friendly.

Past that, much of it is on the “optimizer” or the BigCommerce SEO agency tasked with running the SEO strategy.

That said, here are some of the things a BigCommerce SEO agency can optimize for an eCommerce business’s BigCommerce website.

What Does a BigCommerce SEO Agency Optimize?
Companies that provide BigCommerce SEO services are responsible for optimizing particular features of a website known as ranking signals or ranking factors. These are the features of a website that Google’s search engine algorithms look for when determining how to assign domain authority (DA) and search engine rankings.

One of the most important ranking signals that BigCommerce SEO experts will make sure is SEO-optimized is content. On one level, this involves optimizing page-level content for keywords and structure. It also involves removing duplicate content.

But the best BigCommerce SEO strategy won’t just optimize your existing copy. It will involve keyword research and the drafting of entirely new blog posts, guest posts, press releases, and category and product page-level copy that is optimized, not only for search engines but also for conversion rates.

An eCommerce SEO agency should also perform an SEO audit of your BigCommerce store to uncover technical errors like crawler errors such as broken links, as well as, site speed, security compromises, and other issues that can prevent Google’s web crawlers from indexing your pages.

In addition to these ranking factors, a BigCommerce SEO agency can also help build backlinks to your online store to increase its referral traffic and domain authority.

Together, these collective initiatives will improve your website’s SEO and generate higher organic traffic for your store.

How Do I Choose a Qualified BigCommerce SEO Agency?
The sheer number of options on the web can make it hard to choose a BIgCommerce SEO agency. However, there are a few things you can do to make it easy on yourself.

For one, choose an agency that shows up high in the organic listings. You don’t want to choose a partner that can’t handle their own SEO.

Additionally, read reviews and testimonials. The more positive, the better, but make sure you can find at least a few negative reviews. Find out what it is the agency doesn’t do well.

Moreover, it’s important to work with a BigCommerce SEO agency that is experienced in both your industry as well as with the BigCommerce platform. These are some of the reasons that you should choose an Elite Certified BigCommerce platform – BigCommerce itself will in that situation attest to the proficiency of the agency.

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