Is Buying a Baby Crib With Dresser Helpful In Styling Your Baby’s Nursery?

There’s a reason new moms invest more effort in styling a dreamy nursery for a baby than a game zone for a teenager. It might just be the first and last time they get to choose everything for them and there’s a good chance circling back is not an option.

So don’t hold back.

From the color palette, theme, canopies, breastfeeding sofa, baby crib with dresser there’s so much room for creativity that makes a memory of a lifetime for mothers during these precious moments they spend with their little munchkins in a nursery.

But above all the struggles of planning the right fit for that enchanting baby nursery you’re going for, there’s one thing most moms tend to forget—practicality. They would end up redoing the whole interior for forgetting to incorporate practicality in styling their precious baby nursery. With this in mind, you can never go wrong in choosing all the furniture and themes for your baby’s nursery.

Get the theme right the first time
This may seem like an easy one but this actually holds everything together. Going for a specific color palette and theme the first time is the basis of every piece of furniture and accessories you will have to get for the room to be more functional as it is aesthetically put together.

Remember, this is not just your baby’s room, it is yours too. Make it something that’s pleasing to your eyes and give you peace of mind as well. A sleeping baby is the goal for every new parent and so, a distracting wall with too many loud colors keeps your baby awake, thus, keeping you awake most of the time too!

Avoid going for a baby crib in mahogany finish and settle for a dresser in pearl white. That’s just confusing. It would be better if you buy all furniture in the same color palette that goes with your theme. For example, there are brands that sell a baby crib with dresser and a changer, all in the same color and look that compliments the entire theme of your baby nursery. Or if you like, just the baby crib with dresser in transitional style—converts from crib to toddler bed.

Pro tip: Go with neutral walls. Now, you may be thinking “white” and “baby”, not a great combination. Just make sure you get washable paint and then you won’t have to worry about fingerprints.

You will spend a lot of time in this room, going for that light and airy ambiance is just as calm and relaxing for your little one as you want it for you.

Choose sustainable furniture
You’re not cheap. You’re practical.

Becoming a new mother means more responsibility and being financially responsible is the icing on the cake of motherhood. Buying separate items like a baby dresser, baby cribs and changer is all too impractical when you can actually get a set of those. They don’t just provide ease of access especially for moms who went under the caesarian section. Bending over to change a baby’s diapers is not just straining in the back, it can also cause a potential risk of tearing the stitches. Ouch!

Also, going for a nursery set means discount so why not pick a pretty ensemble that goes with the whole theme of your nursery a baby crib with dresser set that is not just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but can be also used as the child grows. The dresser with a changer on top could be moved into the master’s bedroom, remove the changer and you’ll get a regular dresser. Then, convert the baby crib to a toddler’s day bed or a twin bed as he reaches the age beyond 8 or 10 years old.

Choosing the right furniture for your little one’s nursery can be pretty tricky if you don’t know how and where to look. Check out Kids ‘N Cribs for more options in styling your baby nursery.

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