Is the Airsoft Ammo I’m Shooting Too Light?

Shots that fail to connect with the target, lose velocity far too quickly through their trajectory, or yaw, curve or dip unexpectedly are, in a word, very frustrating.

Many airsoft manufacturers rate the muzzle velocities of their airsoft guns using .20g airsoft ammo, making some players believe that this is a sort of “standard.”

Well, it is – but only when you’re chronographing an airsoft gun’s muzzle velocity. Not when you’re on the airsoft field.

The truth is, there are plenty of airsoft players out there right now shooting airsoft BBs from their AEGs and sniper rifles that are just way too light for the platform.

Going heavier may be better – here’s what you need to know.

How to Tell If Your Airsoft Ammo Is Too Light
For many airsoft guns, specifically high-powered AEGs and sniper rifles, .20g BBs are just way too light. If you suspect your airsoft ammo is too light for your gun, here’s what you need to watch out for:

● Shots that visibly lose velocity when fired at long ranges.

● Shots that curve, dip, or turn while in the air.

These are the two big warning signs that your airsoft ammo is too light. Accuracy issues can potentially be caused by a poorly adjusted hop-up system, but if you tune the hop-up and still can’t dial inaccuracy or range, then your BBs are just too light.

The problem is this: while it is true that lighter BBs, like .20g’s, are faster at the muzzle, they lack the mass necessary to “cut through” the air. As a result, air resistance causes them to rapidly lose velocity. This adversely affects range and can cause the trajectory to become unstable, causing issues with accuracy as well.

If your airsoft gun is not shooting accurately, with .20g ammo, it might be beneficial for you to jump up to .25g, .28g or even .32g airsoft ammo. Many high-powered AEGs perform much better with these.

For airsoft sniper rifles that are even faster and more powerful, even heavier BBs are in order. Many players shoot .40g and .45g airsoft BBs in their airsoft sniper rifles. Some even go as high as .50g.

Less powerful airsoft guns may not be able to effectively hop these heavier BBs, but if the power is there, the shot will travel farther and more accurately by increasing the weight.

Beyond Weight: What Else You Need to Know About Airsoft BBs
In addition to choosing the proper weight for your airsoft gun, you should also always choose single-piece, polished BBs made from high-quality materials.

Low-quality airsoft BBs are sometimes hollow or made from two pieces of plastic and can shatter on firing, not only destroying the accuracy of the shot but also potentially damaging the airsoft gun. In addition, polished BBs are more consistent and offer much higher accuracy.

It’s also worth your while to consider biodegradable airsoft pellets as many airsoft fields require these.

Where Can You Get High-Quality Airsoft Ammo?
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Visit their website and get in touch with them directly at 800-581-6620 if you want to learn a little more about weight in airsoft BBs and how it affects trajectory, range, and accuracy.

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