Make the Most of Your Mac Laptop with These 8 Handy Accessories

Now that you have your hands on your very own Mac laptop– whether it be a refurbished MacBook or a brand new one– you need to know what you can do with it. The short answer: a whole lot!

But, while your computer is undoubtedly capable of a vast number of impressive tasks, there are some accessories that could really further your user experience. These accessories can boost your level of comfort and convenience when utilizing your beloved computer.

Let’s take a look at eight of the most common accessories for your Mac that will really come in handy!

1. Apple Magic Mouse
As much as we all love and admire Apple products, one issue that befalls the MacBook is the trackpad. While it can be convenient in certain circumstances, many users agree that a wireless mouse is just more efficient, faster, and convenient (many are even far more ergonomic!).

That is where the Apple Magic Mouse comes in. It is built to provide Mac users with a dream-like accessory to vastly improve their clicking, scrolling, and user experience overall without those pesky wires of common mice.

2. Noise-Cancelling BlueTooth Headphones
Whether you are working or engaging in leisure activities on your beloved Apple laptop, the addition of Bluetooth headphones can be especially beneficial– especially so if they are noise-canceling. Improve your concentration and focus while listening to your favorite music, podcasts, or other audio content to drastically increase your everyday productivity.

3. A Pair of AirPods
Not into the typical bulky headphones and would prefer to also use them at the gym, when you’re out for a run, or other locations? Then opt for a pair of Apple AirPods instead! These Bluetooth headphones are conveniently sized, come with a chargeable and sturdy case, and can quickly connect to your various devices.

4. Sturdy Laptop Case
You love your laptop– so you should do the most you can to protect it. That is why you should place a hardcover laptop case on your fragile computer, preferably one made of sturdy material (a carbon fiber skin for your Mac is especially ideal).

5. Adaptable Laptop Stand
In order to best protect your laptop along with your posture, wrists, and overall body comfort, you should also be sure to use a laptop stand. Adjustable laptop stands can also change depending on your mood, such as if you’d rather sit up straight in your computer chair or if you’d rather stand!

6. Keyboard Protector
We all love to drink coffee or other liquids, eat snacks, and use our laptops all at the same time. However, when we snack and drink while in close proximity to our computers, we put them at risk for ruin. By simply laying down a keyboard protector over your laptop’s keyboard, you vastly improve its safety and protection!

7. Web Camera Cover
Unfortunately, there are hackers that can break into your computer with or without your knowledge– and even peep through your web camera to watch you! You can protect yourself from being viewed by simply sticking a small web camera cover over it where you can open and close it whenever you please.

8. External Hard Drive
Unsure of where you can safely store your favorite photos, videos, and other documents for convenient retrieval? Then you should invest in an external hard drive. These seamlessly plug into your computer and you then have access to an impressively large amount of space.

Save More, Spend Less with Refurbished Accessories
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