Maximilian’s Solution To Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault Abandoned Customers

The long-term fur storage partner of Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault left many consumers shocked and disappointed. Since Bloomingdale and Macy have decided to give up on the fur industry, Maximilian’s fur products and fur storage services have been discontinued as well. With spring just around the bend, Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault has become a popular destination for hundreds of shoppers seeking a replacement.

Because Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault has ceased selling real fur and began introducing faux fur instead, many loyal consumers have expressed their disappointment by the said audacity. There’s no need to panic since we’ve discovered a way for you to maintain your affinity for luxurious, insulating and visually appealing fur clothing. Enter: Maximilian.

The Furs of Maximilian
Bloomingdale’s fur vault included Maximilian for 20 years previous to the abrupt transformation in the materials used in its items. Maximilian currently has its comprehensive range of real and high-quality fur apparel in both its online shop and numerous physical stores. If you’re already mourning the days of your beloved Fur Vault, switching to Maximilian will put an end to your longing.

Customers at Maximilian, a leading retailer of furs, can expect nothing but the best in product and service, with a comprehensive range of top-tier designer furs of the greatest quality and design. Among the many services provided by Maximilian, salons are restyling, repairs, and adjustments of many types of clothing.

In animal rights discussions, faux fur is believed to be a suitable substitute for genuine fur. But the fact remains: Genuine furs are ecologically safe and sustainable.

The term “sustainability” has become a buzzword in the fashion business. And faux fur production necessitates the use of a nonbiodegradable petrochemical thus ultimately making it a product that does not come from sustainable materials.

There are regulated and recognized safe chemicals that must be utilized in the process of fur dressing, just like any other material used in fashion. If feasible, this procedure reuses natural resources.

Sustainable resource management aids in the reduction of pollution and the reduction of the negative influence on the environment. Real furs, on the other hand, are biodegradable and may be passed down for years, unlike synthetic furs that may wind ends up in landfills of our planet.

Maximilian is Fur-Ever
When it comes to coats, nothing beats genuine fur for elegance and refinement. They’ll never go out of style, practically speaking. Some fur coats might be a little pricy, but in the long run, they’ll pay for themselves. As fur coats are long-lasting and can be worn several times, they are an excellent investment. Because of their stylish and attractive style and their enormous warmth, fur coats are an international fashion classic.

When it comes to outerwear and fur, Maximilian is one of the best in the business. They specialize in a few various types of fur. Maxmilian’s mink and fox furs may be seen across their website and at their numerous brick-and-mortar locations around the country.

Employing People
Because of the high demand for our products and the high number of individuals who wish to purchase them, the fur trade generates millions of jobs, many of which are in rural areas where employment opportunities are few. More than a few people are employed by the fur trade or the farming of fur in addition to the actual farmers and workers. Fur is a part of their culture and daily life for these people, who are in one with nature.

Lots of jobs are generated when fur is auctioned off at the six major international auctions. Trade, transportation, and sorting of the skins take place all over the globe. As a result of the dressing and dying process, new jobs are created.

Maximilian offers a wide variety of furs to choose from. Jackets, coats, and even hats are on the list. You may reach Maximilian by phone at 1-800-TLC-FURS or by email at if you have any queries regarding the products or design.

For more information about Mink Coats and fox fur coat Please visit: Maximilian/BC International Group, Inc.

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