Mink Coats: Why Mink Is Your Wardrobe’s Best Friend

When it comes to shopping for authentic fur garments, it can be undeniably difficult to choose just one type of fur. There are numerous options available on the market that boast several unique advantages, such as fox, sable, chinchilla, wool, rabbit, and so on.

Humans have utilized the unique characteristics of animal pelts to stay warm and insulated for over 170,000 years. One fur type that has truly stood the test of time is mink fur and it remains a popular choice in the fashion industry today.

More currently, mink fur has quickly risen to the top of the fur totem pole. Americans specifically have recognized the unique attributes of mink and have applied them to stunning garments in the last 150 years. And, in that time, its popularity has spread across the globe, making it one of the most popular fur types in the world.

But why exactly are mink coats and other garments so admired and so highly sought after by nearly everyone? Let’s take a look at the particular reasons as to why mink fur is such a highly sought-after fur type.

1. Exceptionally Soft and Luxurious
Who wants to wear a coat, jacket, or other garment in the winter that is made of uncomfortable materials? Or one that is made of cheap, low-quality fabric? Fortunately, when you opt for one that’s made of mink fur, that should never be the case.

This is because mink fur is remarkably soft and luxurious, insofar to be described as lustrous. Therefore, when you slip into any garment, including mink fur jackets and coats, you and your sense of touch certainly won’t be disappointed.

2. Inexpensive
One of the most disenchanting factors of any fur garment is its price tag. Most options can cost buyers a pretty penny, making them turn away regardless of the worthiness the piece is of the price. With mink fur, though, garments aren’t that hefty in the price but still are quality pieces.

Mink coats, on average, cost between $100 to $10,000, depending on various factors. With a price range like that, one could live with that kind of investment!

3. Lightweight and Insulating
Mink fur has long been loved for seemingly miraculously checking two vital boxes: lightweight and insulating. Not only does the fur keep you so perfectly warm, but it doesn’t feel too heavy or cumbersome to wear. Mink fur perfectly combines a lightweight yet insulating nature to bring you the perfect coat (or other garment).

4. Alluring Sheen and Style
While all of these aforementioned points are endearing, what about how it looks? Not to worry as mink fur is undeniably alluring in both its unique look and its incomparable natural sheen. Because of their short guard hairs, minks are awarded their shimmering aesthetic and gorgeous color options, typically being brown, black, and tawny brown.

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