Need a Lower Parts Kit for a Glock 26 Lower for an at-home Build Project? Read This

Everyone loves a Glock – their light polymer frames, smooth handling actions, and austere aesthetics are popular with everyone from competitive shooters to collectors.

Especially the Glock 26 – a bantamweight pistol that shoots out of its weight class. Chambered in the ubiquitous 9mm, the Glock 26 is only 19.4 ounces (without a mag), 6.5” long overall, and 1.26” wide. It’s a light shooting, a hard-hitting subcompact that shoots a lot like the snub-nosed revolvers it was designed to replace.

Some people even make them at home with Glock build kits – but here are some things you should know before you attempt to do so.

What Comes with a Lower Parts Kit for a Glock 26?
First, you need to know what does – and does not – come with a lower parts kit for a Glock 26.

For instance, if you get your Glock 26 lower kit from MCS Gearup (the link above), the kit will include:

● Connector

● Mag release and spring

● Slide stop release and spring

● Locking block pin

● Slide lock and spring

● Trigger housing, ejector, and pin

● Trigger with bar, as well as a trigger pin and spring

That is all that will come with a lower parts kit for a Glock 26. There are many parts you will need to complete the firearm that won’t come with it.

What Other Parts You Will Need
In addition to a lower parts kit for a Glock 26, you’ll also need a slide, slide parts kit (which contains springs, strikers, and some other hardware necessary for operation and assembly), a barrel, and a frame. (You should also get a magazine and sights, even though these are more often classified as accessories than as parts).

Frames for these projects are sold as 80% frames, also known by 101 other names, such as 80% lowers – but we won’t get into the rest here.

However, an 80% Glock frame is unfinished and cannot be used to construct a functioning firearm, so you will need to finish machining it at home with a router or drill press.

To do so, you will likely want to choose a piece of equipment known as a jig kit.

Do You Need a Jig Kit?
Lower jigs are special pieces of equipment that serve as templates so you can make precise cuts and alterations to frames or lower receivers without damaging them. They consist of plates and guides that hold the lower or frame in place while guiding the end mills.

A jig kit can be used many times over and is an invaluable tool for completing frames and receivers at home, as it mitigates the risk of damaging them.

Check All Applicable Laws and Regulations
One more thing is necessary before you buy parts and look up a tutorial. Check all applicable rules and regulations. Though the ATF has specified that it is legal for certain individuals to create firearms at home – for personal use only (and according to certain other stipulations, contact a lawyer for clarity, this is not legal advice) – many states have enacted their own bans.

Nothing herein is legal counsel. Always consult a lawyer before attempting to take possession of an 80% frame or lower or before altering one.

Next, Check MCS Gearup
If you’re looking for a lower parts kit for a Glock 26, check MCS Gearup. In addition to parts and kits, they also sell tools and accessories needed to build and customize platforms at home. They also carry pistol parts that fit Glocks as well as complete lower parts kits for other platforms.

Get in touch with them for more information at 239-848-6757 or at if you need further assistance.

For more information about Mck and Ar Pistol Brace Please visit: MCS Gearup.

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