Not Vaping an Aspire Minican Yet?

The vape industry has grown significantly in recent years, and there are more options for vapers than there have ever been.

Some vapers customize their own mods, giving them ultimate control over power, cloud output, and intensity. Others prefer the simplicity of a draw-activated, refillable pod vaporizer.

But even popular pod devices are not without their flaws. They’re light, discrete, and convenient, but they leak and have terrible battery life.

It’s 2022 – there are better, more convenient, more practical alternatives, and one of them is the Aspire Minican.

Auto Draw Convenience and Compact SIze
Just like many other pod devices, the Aspire Minican features an auto-draw system. When you need a hit, simply take one.

It’s also light, small, and extremely portable. It’s available in 2 and 3ml juice capacities; the 2ml version is 15.5x65x28mm and weighs only 23g, while the 3ml version comes in at 15.5×73.5x28mm and 35g.

They’re both extremely lightweight and convenient, ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Strong Magnetic Connections for Easy Pod Replacement; Leak Proof Design
Say goodbye to refillable vapes that leak. Both Aspire Minicans accept refillable leak-proof pods with silicone seals that attach to the device via the aid of powerful magnets. There are no delicate mechanical connections to wear out or fail.

Convenient Micro USB Charging
One of the biggest gripes associated with small, portable vaping devices is their battery life. An on-the-go lifestyle demands more.

The Aspire Minican may not last you a full day of intense vaping, but it offers a surprisingly long battery life and can be easily and relatively quickly charged via a standard Micro USB cable. Simply keep one on hand and you’ll always be ready.

Mesh Coils for Powerful Flavor
The 2ml Aspire Minican comes with a 1.2 ohm coil and the 3ml with a 1.0 ohm coil. Both units feature mesh coils for powerful hits; the mesh heats up more rapidly than conventional coils and produces more intense vapor and flavor. Mesh coils are also preferable for better heat distribution across the surface of the coil.

Aspire ASP Chipset Safety Features
The Aspire Minican also features a unique ASP chipset that offers a variety of safety features, including:

● Overcharge protection
● Over-discharge protection
● Overheat protection
● Low voltage protection
● Vaping overtime protection
● Short circuit protection

All of which will help to extend the lifetime and usability of your vape device.

Durable, Dust-Resistant, Available in a Rainbow of Colors
The Aspire Minican might be the ultimate vape device; it’s convenient, portable and tough and is finished with Aspire’s high-quality rubber paint which is available in a ton of different colors to suit any taste.

Their rubber paint gives the Minican the perfect tactical qualities. It’s comfortable and ergonomic, and best of all, their rubber paint doesn’t attract dust the way some other “grippy” finishes do.

What users really love most about the Aspire Minican is that it’s cost-efficient. This Aspire vape device offers high-performance in a package that punches well outside of its weight class and costs less.

Looking for a Device Compatible with Pre-Filled Pods Instead?
The Aspire Minican can be refilled with e-liquids, and Aspire no longer produces pre-filled pods (such as those that were once compatible with the SLX. If you’re looking for Aspire pre-filled pods, consider an alternative vape device that’s compatible with STLTH pods or some other pre-filled pods instead.

Check out Ill! HQ Vapor at They carry a huge range of nic salts, e-liquids, and pre-filled pods. Though they don’t carry Aspire pre-filled pods, they do carry STLTH pods and pre-filled ENVI disposable vape devices, as well as parts and supplies for devices in addition to other vape products.

Check out their collection online at the website listed above and get in touch with them directly if you need additional assistance at 905-735-9393.

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