Protect Your Plumbing Pipes with Arrowhead Wall Hydrants

The Arrowhead wall hydrants are designed to provide an alternative solution to the frequent freezing of hydrant pipes. These pipes are usually installed in the ground beneath the frost-line, so when the ground freezes, so do they.

This means that they are inaccessible in all but a few months out of the year. The Arrowhead frost-proof wall hydrant solves this problem by being installed on a wall with frost protection.

What’s Unique About Arrowhead Hydrants?
An Arrowhead frost-proof hydrant has been approved by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) to work in 24-hour freezing temperatures.

This can also be used in any area where the temperature drops below 0°F, making them much more resistant to cold weather than other types of water hydrants.

They are also installed in a less intrusive way, which means that they can be used in more areas that are not typical for frost-proof water hydrants.

All of Arrowhead’s frost-proof hydrant products have built-in backflow protection. Their Arrow-Breaker technology reduces back-siphonage and preserves your water supply without imposing flow limits.

This technology is also responsible for the elimination of “thread-on” vacuum breakers and the flow loss that comes with it.

Back-Flow Prevention versus Anti-Siphon
The phrase “backflow preventer” refers to the systems in place to ensure that water does not enter the public water supply again.

An anti-siphon valve is a kind of backflow preventer that basically prevents contaminated water from entering a safe water supply, such as the water from the faucets.

The term “hose vacuum breaker” refers to a backflow protection device that is installed on or built inside hose bibs or frost-proof wall hydrants on the exterior of your establishment

You need a backflow preventer because there is always a risk of back-flow when it comes to water systems.

The most common form of back-flow is when the pressure in the line exceeds the valve setting.

Back-flow prevention is an important design consideration for any piping system that can be exposed to this condition.

Back-flow prevention valves are designed specifically to prevent reverse flow, but if back-pressure occurs in pipes or tanks, they may not function properly. This can lead to contamination and other problems related to water quality.

Anti-siphons are used when there is a risk of backflow due to siphoning (or pulling) forces working against gravity forces like at the top of a hill or in areas with low slopes.

How to Protect Your Pipes From Water Damage
To better protect your plumbing pipes from water damages, you need to also perform regular maintenance of your plumbing system.

Maintenance is the key to the longevity of plumbing products. So you should either have plumbing maintenance or outsource it to a reliable company.

Here are some basics:

Know how to shut off the main water valve in emergency situations
Your building maintenance staff should be made aware of the location of the main water shut-off valve. Water can gush into the building if a pipe bursts. Locating and immediately shutting off the main water supply will save you time, money, and stress.

Check plumbing and heating pipes
Check your plumbing ad heating pipes for any hint of cracks or for any leaking spots regularly. Be sure to have any necessary repairs completed as soon as possible.

Get an emergency pressure release valve for your system
Installing an emergency pressure release valve in your plumbing system will help protect your pipes from bursting.

When there is increased pressure caused by frozen pipes, your pipes won’t burst from the pressure.

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