Questions to Ask Before Buying a CBCT Machine

Dentists and dental professionals around the country are making the investment in in-house CBCT machines to offer their patients the latest in advanced imaging. With the rise in demand, the market has grown, and there are many options available for dental imaging equipment, including CBCT systems. These are some of the most important questions you can ask in order to ensure that your choice of a dental CBCT machine will be right for your practice.

Where to Start
Most practices begin their search for a reputable distributor online, whereas others seek referrals for colleagues and partners. Some others attend trade shows, conferences, and similar events to find sellers.

Research and understand your options, as a CBCT machine will constitute a significant investment but there are numerous affordable routes you can take.

For instance, not all dental professionals immediately think of purchasing a used CBCT machine. CBCT technology has been consistent and reliable through many manufacturers for the past decade, opening up many possibilities to purchase more affordable pre-owned equipment. Including the possibility of purchasing a pre-owned system will give you a wider range of options.

What Are the Unit’s Specifications?
Size: Make sure the system will fit without the need to remodel your office. Consider actual as well as recommended dimensions since patients and staff will need to get around it. Also, consider OSHA requirements and the needs of patients with special needs or disabilities.

Age: What year was the unit manufactured? Is it new enough to integrate with your current technology? If you will need to make workarounds, what are they, and can your practice realistically accommodate them?

Power: What type of power connection is necessary? A standard 120V or 220V plug? Is it sensitive to power fluctuations such as storms? Do you need a dedicated line?

Use: Many systems keep track of the number of images they have captured. Has the system been heavily used, or only lightly?

What Is Included with the Purchase? What Additional Items Should You Budget for?
Consider that there may be additional charges when you purchase refurbished dental equipment, especially CBCT machines.

Current X-ray: How are you going to dispose of your current system and how much will that cost? If it still has value you may be able to trade it in to help offset the cost of your next purchase.

Shipping: Is there a shipping fee? Properly crating and shipping heavy, delicate X-ray equipment is expensive. Be leery of free shipping; what if the system is damaged during shipping and handling?

Tax: Does the vendor have NEXUS in your state? If so, do you need to pay taxes? Be aware of national pre-owned vendors that don’t charge sales tax.

Computer: Digital dental X-ray machines require at least one acquisition computer. Will the seller provide it? What are the necessary specifications? How much will computers that are needed throughout the practice cost?

Networking: How will these images be shared? Is your current network/software sufficient for dental CBCT images? Can you manage upgrades or will you need to contact a professional?

Software: What software and how many licenses come with the machine? How will you integrate current practice management and imaging software? Who covers the integration, the imaging equipment seller or software vendor?

Installation: Who pays for installation, and is there an additional charge? Does the equipment vendor or a third-party cover installation? Does the vendor support the work of a third-party installation agent, if one is used?

Training: How will you learn how to use the new machine? Dental cone beam requires training for properly capturing, reading, and manipulating the scans.

Ongoing service: How will ongoing service and support be handled for the dental equipment? What about replacement parts? How long will replacement parts be available for the machine you’re considering?

What Are the Seller’s Credentials?
Make sure you’re buying from a reputable source. Ask questions like:

● How many units have they sold?

● Do they have references or online reviews? Contact references and ask specific questions about their experience to solicit honest answers.

● Do they employ their own technicians or use third-party providers? If they have their own technicians, how are they training, how much experience do they have, and are they registered to perform service in your state, if required?

● How long have the company’s remote support technicians worked with dental equipment? How long have they worked with dental X-ray machines and cone beam systems?

● Do they have a team that manages installation? Is that something you’ll have to figure out on your own, along with regulatory considerations?

● Does the company have a specific focus or do they sell all different types of refurbished dental equipment?

What Is the History of the Machine? (If Used)
Try to determine the history of refurbished dental imaging equipment by asking questions such as:

● How many owners has it had? Has it ever been moved? These can be difficult to answer with certainty but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

● Was it refurbished or changed in any way before being sold? If so, what parts were replaced?

● What is the re-certification or inspection process like before the unit was purchased from its previous owner? Who performs that, the vendor or a third party?

● Does it still have a manufacturer warranty?

More Questions? Contact Renew Digital!
These are only a few of the questions you should ask when considering the purchase of refurbished dental equipment, specifically used CBCT machines. For answers to these and other questions, contact the leading provider of used digital dental imaging equipment, Renew Digital. Renew Digital has over ten years of experience selling certified pre-owned dental imaging equipment and speaking with dental professionals across the country to provide them with the right machines at the right price. Contact them online today or at 888-246-5611 for more assistance.

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