Scandinavian Dining Chairs: What is Scandinavian Design?

Popularized by Scandinavian dining chairs, tables, shelves, and cookware, among others, Scandinavian design has become synonymous with warm simplicity and functionality.

Clean lines, simple design, and minimalist look are what define the Scandinavian design that’s so popular these days.

If you want to switch to the Scandinavian design but don’t know how or where to start, the best place to introduce the design is your dining room, the heart of your home, and using unmistakably Scandinavian-designed dining chairs.

Below, let’s talk about Scandinavian design, what characterizes it, and how you can infuse it in your interiors.

Choose furniture with clean lines
Scandinavian furniture has basic silhouettes and clean, minimalistic lines. Furniture with linear and rectilinear (straight lines in a rectangle) profile and contour typifies the Scandinavian style.

There are Scandinavian pieces of furniture with curvilinear, or lines that have curved shapes but they are plain, undecorated, and unbroken.

Egg chair or Dining Side Wood (DSW) Eames chair are examples of these. You can easily add a Scandinavian element to your interior with these chairs.

Some people also like to use Scandinavian chairs as home office chairs or as accent chairs in other parts of the house. Some Scandinavian chairs that you might like include:

The Halmstad dining chair
If you like simplicity and comfort without sacrificing design, the Halmstad dining chairs will be exactly up your alley. These pieces, which come in a range of colors, combine a comfy fabric seat with elegant wooden legs.

These chairs are the ideal addition to any dining room for someone who appreciates Scandinavian design but wants to give it a personal touch. For a distinct twist on Scandi cool, choose from green, brown, blue, and white.

The Stockholm dining chair
This fabric dining chair from the Stockholm line is extremely lovely, breaking up the monotony but maintaining the overall idea. This chair features a cut-out back and high armrest design that is completely distinctive.

There are a variety of neutral colors to choose from, as well as some unexpected colors like sky blue and lime green.

Go for white and muted color palettes
The use of natural light offers Nordic homes clean, brilliant whites and subtle warm-toned palettes for interiors. This color scheme combined with minimalistic furniture provides a tranquil and modest ambiance that Scandinavian houses are known for.

This color scheme also makes small rooms appear larger and larger venues appear more sophisticated. If you’re worried about your home being too clinical, add a pastel baby pink, sage green, and light gray colors. They work nicely with warm Earth tones without overpowering them.

You can easily achieve the Scandinavian look by avoiding clutter and keeping a minimalistic aesthetic, overall.

You can also break the pattern with objects with geometric lines or break the nude palettes with the color green of a plant in a wooden vase. Check out the next item in this article.

Accessorize with other colors and patterns
There is one major distinction between Nordic design and other minimalist spaces: the level of comfort. While many minimalist rooms can feel a touch too chilly or stark, Scandinavian homes are designed to be welcoming and pleasant. The secret to that achievement is the use of warm, inviting accents.

Include a lot of pillows and soft blankets in your décor. Then add a luxurious throw rug to finish it off. You can also add real and faux plants to serve as an accent as well.

The Bottom Line
Three important elements define Scandinavian design: functionality, simplicity, and beauty. Clean lines, bright muted hues, and modest elegance are frequently combined to create a very homey atmosphere.

You can transform your home and your contemporary dining room and adopt a Scandinavian design interior by sticking to these elements. It’s also easier to get a Scandinavian look by getting Scandinavian dining chairs set as well as dining tables for your dining area.

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