Should I Secure RV Jack Pads for My Trailer

This is reasonable for RVers who haven’t yet encountered the negative consequences of RV jack pads not being in place. Hopefully, by sharing this knowledge, we can help prospective RVers avoid making the same mistakes some of us might have.

Exactly What Is an RV Jack Pad, and How Do I Use One?
With the aid of jack pads, you can ensure that your RV is stable and won’t sink into the ground. RV jack pads, on the other hand, are multi-functional. A single product may be used to perform a variety of functions.

Slip-resistant jack pads may be used beneath trailer jack blocks to ensure steadiness on gravel, dirt, or mud, as well as to secure and limit movement in heavy winds or on slopes, for example. With these, you may use them to level your RV, beneath the tires, or as stackable blocks to be placed below your RV stabilizer jacks or other devices.

Safeguard the Jacks’ Surface
To avoid damaging the ground under your RV’s jacks, it’s vital to safeguard the area around them. This isn’t only true in campgrounds; it’s also true in other places.

Let’s say you’re out visiting friends and your car is parked on the roadside on a hot sunny day. When utilized alone, your jacks may easily sink into the dirt or mud. Jack pads, on the other hand, ensure that the vehicle’s weight does not damage the ground on which it is placed.

Balance and Stability
Your RV’s metal jack feet can sink or move in position if the ground underneath your vehicle isn’t stable enough. RVing may be more enjoyable if you have a pad to absorb vibrations and “rock” of the vehicle while you’re in the vehicle, which helps prevent lateral displacement or tilting.

Soft soil, gravel, or sand are all factors to keep in mind while planning a route. If the ground underneath your RV is unstable, the metal jack feet on your RV may sink or move.

It also reduces the risk of slippage or tilt by dampening vibrations and the “rocking” of the rig while within.

The jacks in your RV have shoes in the form of jack pads. Leveling jacks are connected to these pads for further stability. They also prevent the landing gear of your RV from being damaged. Older RVs often have pads on their landing gear that have taken a lot of wear and tear. The weight of your RV is supported by these metal pieces on any surface. As they descend, rocks and other objects underneath them may bend and damage them.

Because the pads absorb the curvature of pebbles and provide a broader footprint for your landing gear, they can keep them looking good for years.

In many campsites, the landing gear must be protected from the pavement by a barrier.

Nothing could be simpler than that!

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