Should You Invest in a Fox Fur Coat or Jacket?

Real fur garments have played a large role in human existence and survival, going insofar as to keep our species (at least a large portion of it) from being wiped out. They have long been known to keep human beings exceptionally warm, insulated, and protected from harsh elements.

Fur Garments Today
In more recent times, fur garments have become more sparse as we as a species have evolved and now have other means of keeping optimal internal temperatures, such as electronic heaters. However, that does not mean that the end of real fur coats and jackets is within sight.

Real fur jackets and coats still serve us well in this day and age as well– and even provide us with a dual purpose now. Real fur can still keep us warm and safe while wandering around in the cold but they also provide us with an unequivocally enamoring style, one that cannot be replicated by any other fabric or material.

There are also so many different fur types to choose from, all providing their own value to you and your preferences. But there is one that has truly stood the test of time: fox.

This all begs the question: should you invest in a real fox fur coat or jacket?

If the previous paragraphs didn’t quite hint clearly enough as to where we stand on this question, here is our blatant response: yes, you should. Let’s look at just four reasons why fox fur coats and jackets, in particular, are so.

1. Fox Fur Is Affordable
Let’s nip that notion that all fur is too expensive right in the bud with this first point on our list. Garments made with authentic fox pelts aren’t too expensive. In fact, fox is one of the most affordable real fur types available on the market today!

This is because it only requires about 4-8 fox pelts to make a coat, which means these garments range in price from just $800 to $2,000.

2. Fox Is Extremely Warm and Insulating
One of the other key elements one is looking for in any jacket or coat, regardless of its fabric or material, is its warmth. Will it keep you warm and insulated even on the coldest and windiest of evenings? Not to worry because a coat or jacket made of authentic fox sure will, as it is one of the warmest materials in the world.

3. Fox is Soft
While keeping your body warm and not draining your bank account, a coat or jacket made of real fur from foxes will make you feel exceptionally comfortable, as it is naturally (and impressionably) soft. It is naturally luxurious and soft to the touch.

4. Fox Is Stylish and Can Be Worn Up or Down
You certainly wouldn’t want a coat or a jacket that you couldn’t wear to all of your favorite occasions. Fortunately, you can with a coat or a jacket made with fur from foxes. This is because fox is so remarkably versatile, being able to be worn in both the most formal of events and even the most casual ones.

Whether you pair your jacket or coat with a ballgown or a pair of jeans and casual boots, you will look outstanding.

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