Social Media Trends For 2022

Social Media Trends For 2022

Social Media Trends For 2022

Social media strategies for brands are intended to increase sales. Therefore, you can use social media trends to your advantage: not only to create the most suitable type of content for users, but also to research the competition and understand how these platforms work. These are the five biggest trends to watch for in 2022.

How is the promotion of products?

In Latin America, there are today 43 million Internet users. According to research by the consulting firm Statista, most users associate happiness with social networks and other online platforms. Although the most used networks in the region are Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, other networks such as YouTube and Twitter are acquiring many users. Today, to say “Internet” is to say “e-commerce” and “social media”.

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the use of social networks, and also accelerated their development. The time that users spend on the Internet, due, for example, to the closure of businesses during 2020, is a factor to take into account (and, as an exception, consumption on social networks only fell in Argentina).

It is also important to know that, in Latin America, product sales and views are higher than in other regions. This is so because users have, on average, more money than in other countries, as well as more education and the ability to select the social networks they use. For this reason, the trends in social networks in the region are not unrelated to the journey of other countries regarding these platforms: what is valid for Latin America is valid for the rest of the world.

How can you make sure you create an effective campaign? More human brands. Using employees as users and promoters of products, as well as the ethics of a company, are trends for 2022. When it comes to social networks, it is not so easy to predict how the market works, but there are general guidelines that you should follow and know. We will tell you the keys that you can use to take advantage of your content on social networks.  Also Check descargar reels de facebook

The five most important trends in social networks for 2022

1. TikTok, the social network on the rise

Short videos on social networks are increasingly popular among users. TikTok is the answer to this trend. What does a campaign through TikTok entail? Well, it is no longer a simple platform for younger generations to create their own content. The popularity of TikTok is so important that, according to a study, a growth of almost 59% of this social network was recorded.

That is why TikTok is also a social network in which brands can insert themselves and reach Gen Z and Millennials. Companies, through influencer marketing, can promote their products in a more humane and spontaneous way.  

2. Short videos to get more traffic

Short videos posted for the purpose of generating sales and promoting products and services (also known as short-form videos) are part of social networks like Google Shorts, YouTube, Instagram reels, and Snapchat. They are videos between thirty seconds and two minutes long. According to Hubspot, 84% of people say they are more likely to buy from a brand because of their social media videos.  Also Check fb reels download

The video strategy for social media campaigns is relatively simple, but it does require some ingenuity. It is about generating user participation through challenges, or including “calls to action” (that is, suggesting that the user do something on that social network that connects them with your business). You can also use it–as in the case of TikTok–for users of your products to promote themselves, or to announce a product launch. A “behind the scenes” for consumers to see how the product is generated can be a very attractive social media campaign. This builds trust not only in each product, but in the brand as a whole.

3. E-commerce integrated with social networks

What will happen to social networks and e-commerce? The problem, or the strategy you need to focus on, has to do with data protection. Due to the rise of e-commerce in 2020, a topic we have written about in our blog, many users fear that their purchase is not secure, or that their data is being shared with third parties.

Social networks can work in your favor if you know how personalized ads work through cookies (part of a code that collects and stores data), as long as they are not distributed to third parties. The same happens with the so-called social commerce (or “social sale”).

The “social sale” refers especially to the integration of e-commerce to networks. Suppose a user accesses part of your campaign on social networks, and wants to make a purchase. The most effective would be that there is a “buy” button within the same social network (such as Facebook). This serves to prevent the user from having to leave the social network to enter a specific e-commerce platform and being distracted from their goal along the way.

Keep in mind that, for this, companies like DHL offer e-commerce solutions through logistics, which connect sellers and users around the world.

4. Twitch and streaming as a digital strategy

It is true that Twitch works: it brings consumers who browse social networks closer to the influencers and promoted products. The advantages of twitch for campaigns and promotion is to generate more followers and sales through streaming. Videos matter. Today, Twitch has more than 15 million active users  

The truth is that not any video is effective by itself. Streaming videos are very popular (and medium to long in length), but so are webinars, online interviews, and tutorials. The best thing is to achieve a diversification of all these types of videos to have more visits.

5. In-stream purchases and social networks

What are in-stream purchases? According to Forbes magazin, it is a growing trend (you have to take into account that in-streaming can work on different social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, which allow this type of video). The reasons are simple: we like to watch videos, we like to shop, and be entertained. Google and TikTok are the latest major giants to join this trend.

Product promotion campaigns that can take advantage of in-stream are especially companies that sell decoration, beauty and fitness products (products to keep fit or exercise). Entertainment is the key. It is estimated that in-streaming will grow and become an 11 billion dollar industry in the United States.

Conclusion: how and when to use these trends

As we have said before, not just any type of content works, and there are no videos or content for social media campaigns that are effective on their own. So how can you push these trends forward into 2022? How can you know if it is a good idea to join these trends, be part of the discussion, and, at the same time, formulate a good business strategy?

The clarity and purpose of the videos–and the content in general–has to make a campaign direct and concise for users: whoever watches it can easily understand it. As in all cases of business in social networks, you must study the competition and the consumers.

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