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Ford F-series pickups are the best-selling trucks of all time and by a pretty significant margin. The Ford is often a record-setting among them as a best-seller.

The company motto is “Built Ford Tough,” and they produce some rugged, dependable trucks. Their popularity across the country is proof of that. There’s just one small thing that Ford could improve on the low torque motors and cheap plastic gears Ford pairs with its side folding mirrors and tow mirrors. They’re subject to quite a bit of complaint – so what’s wrong?

What’s Wrong with Ford Truck Mirror Motors?
Ford pairs its truck power folding mirrors with inadequate, low torque motors that power fold the mirrors slowly and quite frankly are not built to the level of quality you’d expect from a company with the history and experience of Ford (then again, maybe you might).

Either way, Ford truck mirror motors (especially the ones that operate the towing mirrors) burn out all too easily, especially when subject to stress.

But the mirror motors themselves are not the only problem with the design.

Is the Mirror the Only Culprit?
Putting aside Ford truck mirror motors for a second, there is a separate but equally important problem to address – the towing mirror and folding mirror gears.

The Ford towing mirror motors are outfitted with cheap, plastic gears that chip, strip, spin off the shaft, and break when subjected to stress (or just when they get old).

As for the Ford Truck side folding mirrors, these too are outfitted with a flimsy plastic spur gear mounted to the main drive shaft.

Unfortunately, this thin plastic spur gear has failure built into it. They wear out and crack with little more than advanced age, and are prone to cracking or failing in response to the slightest impact.

Where Can I Get Superior Ford Truck Mirror Motor Parts
Fortunately, whether it’s your tow mirrors or your side folding mirrors that won’t work, a company called Gruven Parts has the answer. They specialize in recreating superior OEM-compatible parts – including upgraded metal Ford truck mirror motors and gears.

If your towing mirrors don’t work, Gruven Parts has a replacement for both the Ford truck mirror motor and the cheap gears that go with it.

They offer a reliable, high-torque replacement for the towing mirror motor that has a factory-correct wiring plug, but most importantly, they offer them paired with solid-brass replacement gears.

Their solid-brass replacement gears, which are made with hardened steel center-shafts, are otherwise an exact match for the OEM gears; except they are much more durable and will not chip, strip, or break, incapacitating the power fold mirrors.

These are plug-and-play replacements for the Ford truck towing mirror motors and gears that plug right into the wiring harness and are ready to go.

If your issue is the power folding mirrors, and your vehicle is a Ford F-150/250/350/450 series (2009-2019) or a Ford Expedition (2007-2014) then the problem may be a plastic spur gear that wears out too easily and crips or cracks at the least provocation, rendering the side folding mirrors inoperable.

Gruven Parts replacement folding mirror gear is made from strengthened brass and is thicker in cross-section. Consequently, it is better able to tolerate higher stress concentrations than the OEM part and is significantly more reliable.

They tested these parts through rigorous open and close cycles, subjecting them to a variety of different stressors (including random “whacks” while operating the motor) and the gears showed any signs of wear – even through 5,000 cycles.

All of these Gruven Parts – the replacement gears for the power folding mirrors and the replacement gears and motor for the towing mirrors – come with a lifetime warranty. Don’t pay more through Ford for more inferior parts. Fix the problem the right way with superior parts that won’t fail all over again.

Learn more about these replacement parts at or contact them online.

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