Streamline Your Parking Operations with LPR Parking Solutions

LPR Parking Solutions

LPR parking solutions can provide a wide range of benefits for drivers and parking managers alike. These include streamlined entry and exit, reduced traffic and waiting times, increased security, ticketless entry, and much more!

A license plate reader is a camera system that reads and recognizes the registration number of a vehicle. It is typically used in parking management, toll collection, and law enforcement.

Streamlined Entry and Exit

LPR solutions streamline entry and exit procedures for drivers, opening gates as soon as authorized vehicles approach without the need for a kiosk. This significantly reduces traffic buildup within your parking facility and cuts down on lines that can form at parking access points.

Streamlined parking access and control is a major benefit for both gated and non-gated parking facilities. In a gated parking facility, LPR cameras are mounted in the entrance and exit lane to allow vehicles to enter and leave the lot once they have been identified by their license plate number.

This system can also be integrated with payment systems, allowing for a ticketless solution that allows drivers to pay using their smartphone instead of a parking ticket or access card. This can be a huge benefit for airports, event parking and other situations where drivers need to park at a specific location for a short period of time.

Reduced Traffic and Waiting Times

LPR parking solutions reduce the amount of time drivers spend in the lot, making their experience easier and faster. They eliminate the need for ticket dispensing machines, barriers, and more, and instead authorize vehicles based on their license plate number.

In addition, this system allows management to manage their parking lots with minimal effort and resources. This helps reduce parking citation costs, saves managers time, and makes it easier to provide a superior customer service experience.

In addition, LPR technology is often used to automate ticketing for highway toll booths, which also helps reduce traffic congestion. Additionally, it can be used for a number of law enforcement applications, such as identifying stolen cars and wanted suspects.

Increased Security

License plate recognition (LPR) is a great addition to parking solutions because it provides added security for both parkers and parking managers. It helps ensure that only authorized vehicles enter and exit parking lots or other areas of controlled access within a business or private premises.

By comparing a vehicle’s plate to an existing database, LPR technology can automatically determine whether a vehicle is compliant or not. It can also identify scofflaws and alert enforcement to their vehicles in near real-time.

By automating enforcement, parking management is able to reduce their costs and increase the efficiency of their operations. They can more easily collect outstanding fines, enforce paid and permit parking spots, and identify scofflaw vehicles to take action.

Ticketless Entry

Ticketless entry procedures for lpr parking solutions ensure a seamless experience for the customer and the operator. Compared to traditional practices, this method is more convenient and saves time for both parties.

Traditionally, when entering a parking facility, a ticket is taken and paid for at a pay station before exiting and inserted at the exit terminal to open the barrier. This ticket serves as a customer-specific identification feature, ultimately determining the parking fee.

With the introduction of ticketless parking, both short-term parkers and long-term parkers benefit significantly from this switch to a more cost-efficient and hassle-free way of paying for their parking stay. The elimination of paper tickets means that lost tickets are no longer an issue.

Increased Revenue

lpr parking solutions provide property owners with additional revenue streams, allowing for more profitable operations. By reducing traffic and idle time, minimizing enforcement patrols, and ensuring that only authorized vehicles are entering and exiting your parking lot, you can increase operating income by up to 15%.

License plate recognition technology is used in both gated and non-gated parking facilities to verify permits and reservations and prevent entry of unauthorized vehicles. Using fixed or mobile cameras, these systems capture and compare license plate numbers to an active database, identifying authorized parkers and preventing illegally parked vehicles.

lpr parking solutions also allow operators to make smarter decisions regarding pricing, marketing, and patrolling schedules. This is especially important in areas with limited space. With data on user occupancy, peak parking times, popular parking spots within the garage, and lengths of stay available, parking administrators can accurately identify opportunities to generate revenue or improve customer access in real-time.

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