The 5 Best Modern Arcade Games, Ranked

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5/ Dance Dance Revolution

Even after 22 years of game development, Dance Dance Revolution is still going strong with its infectious rhythm. Fans of the crazy-dancing franchise Dance Dance Revolution will be dancing all night long to the latest installment, Dancing Dance Revolution A20, which was released recently.

Naturally, each and every one of the other episodes in the series is just as entertaining. It is very necessary to go through all of the games in order to identify their preferred tunes, particularly given the abundance of options available. It’s the ideal method to have fun at an arcade while while learning some new moves.

4/ Time Crisis 5

In 2015, the fifth game in the Time Crisis series was released, and all of the series’ fans were eagerly anticipating the opportunity to play it. The game maintains true to its beginnings by maintaining its occasionally goofy visuals and nostalgic emotions. Yet, the game flows beautifully and has an engaging tale that will make gamers want to keep playing until they beat it.

Time Crisis will always be one of those games that continue to be a wonderful memory for those who got to play it as a youngster.

3/ Star Wars Battle Pod

2014 saw the release of a crazy new arcade game that is without a doubt one of the most incredible experiences ever. Everyone, whether they are familiar with the Star Wars franchise or not, will have the time of their lives as they step into a real-life gaming pod and take control of a high-flying mission that is taken directly from the films.

The chair on the machine moves in sync with the action taking place on the screen, which is shaped like a dome. The experience is so realistic that players won’t feel like they’re in an arcade but rather in the world of Star Wars. This is the perfect game for those who have always wished they could experience what it feels like to fly a plane for real.

2/ Tekken 7

The most recent entry in the Tekken series, Tekken 7, was released in 2015 and is presently the most recent installment. This game franchise is well known and appreciated in the world of arcade gaming, but it has also expanded into console and computer gaming, therefore increasing the number of people who are fans of it.

The gameplay is really incredible, the graphics are light-years ahead of those found in earlier games, and all of the playable characters are quite interesting in their own unique ways. Tekken is widely considered to be the best fighting game available, and many people are of the opinion that there is no other game that can compare to it.

1 Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the most well-known virtual reality (VR) Retro Bowl games of all time. The plethora of songs and the countless upgrades that have been included have brought this game into the present era of VR. The seemingly mundane process of slicing blocks in time to the beat of the rhythm transforms into an intensely captivating adventure that players simply can’t get enough of.

It is entertaining to watch casual players violently flail their arms in an attempt to continue playing after they have lost the game. In the meanwhile, players who are skilled with this game have the ability to wow others who are around them by displaying a degree of elegance that can only be gained by playing this game for a few hours.

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