The Best DeMarini Softball Bats in 2022

DeMarini has been synonymous with quality baseball and softball gear for years. Their collective of innovative minds behind the brand have carefully crafted countless pieces of equipment for softball and baseball players of all ages and levels of play. These pieces have ranged from necessary equipment, like bats and helmets, to more compulsory options, like batting gloves and apparel.

Their most popular items to date, however, are undeniably their softball bats. DeMarini softball bats have been beloved by softball players for years as these pieces of softball weaponry are second-to-none, crafted using only the most high-quality materials, and are simply aesthetically pleasing!

There are numerous impressive bats that are offered by DeMarini, but let’s take a moment to admire the most relevant options in 2022. That way, we can get a better understanding as to which are the best thus far– and which you’d be best wielding at the plate!

2022 Fastpitch Softball Bats
First up to bat: the fastpitch bats. Fastpitch is one of the most popular types of softball (after all, there is the professional league to consider, called the National Pro Fastpitch League), so it makes the most sense to start here.

DeMarini CF
The DeMarini CF is known well for its earth-shaking power and reliability. This two-piece construction has a Paraflex® Plus Composite barrel, which is ideal for optimal responsiveness, durability, and providing you a massive sweet spot. Fear not: your hands won’t have to fear the reverberation from each powerful smack of the ball, as the endcap is a Tremor End Cap to best protect you and your hands– and improve your barrel’s performance.

This bat is made for power– and for you to use it in the batter’s box.

For something that is quite lightweight yet impressive in its ready-to-go power, look no further than the DeMarini SPRYTE. The SPRYTE simultaneously affords you maximum bat control in the batter’s box and elite pop with every contact. “Top it off” with the Big D™ End Cap and you’ll have little vibration, ample barrel performance, and overall better drives.

2022 Slowpitch Softball Bats
We saved the best for last, of course! Now for the best DeMarini’s slowpitch softball bats for 2022.

DeMarini Nautalai
When it comes to being a powerhouse in the slowpitch game, you can’t go wrong with a Nautalai. The Nautalai is hot out the wrapper and holds compression very well, which is ideal for knocking the ball around. Its Continuous Fiber Barrel Wall Construction provides you with a powerful barrel and easy-to-whip design, as it has that desirable mid-load swing feel.

Its handle is a piece of remarkable technology as well. The ZnX Alloy handle provides you with improved bat control and a stiff feel so you can be confident and drive with every cut. Plus, the barrel flex is second to none– which means your hits will be, too!

DeMarini Corndog
For those who play in wood-only slowpitch leagues, then this is the lumber you’ll want to be swinging. The DeMarini Corndog has an end loaded Pro Maple™ Barrel and a Paraflex™ Composite Handle. The combination of these two impressive pieces of bat technology provide you with strong drive and optimal bat grip– and in any weather conditions.

Where to Buy the Best DeMarini Softball Bats
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