The cost of living in Burnley is significantly lower

Burnley came out top of the list as one of the most financially rewarding places in the UK to live. With an average wage of £28,0500 a year, Burnley ranks number three in the UK.

Not only is this a high wage but also the people in Burnley are earning £28,0500 per year more than the average wage across the UK. Burnley is also very popular as a place to work with employees earning the highest average wage in the country.

More than 14 percent of Burnley’s workforce earn over £30,000 a year. A total of 17.66 percent of Burnley’s workforce make over £40,000 a houses for sale burnley year. The lowest average wage in Burnley is £14,900. Burnley’s workers are much more likely to earn higher wages than the national average. For instance, 9.22 percent of Burnley’s workers make over £30,000 per year, compared to 4.95 percent of workers nationwide.

The cost of living in Burnley is significantly lower than the average across the UK. This means that Burnley residents will be able to afford a bigger house or even a second home than residents elsewhere in the country.

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