The Elementum: A CIVIVI Pocket Knife for Everyone

CIVIVI is one of the most well-respected of all modern knife brands, especially for collectors and enthusiasts, as well as for those who need a tough, durable, high-quality pocket knife for everyday carry. If you’re looking for a new CIVIVI pocket knife just can’t go wrong with an Elementum.

CIVIVI has been using premium materials for years and is consistently ranked highly for quality of construction, fit and finish, and durability. If there’s one modern pocket knife that balances quality, uses premium materials, and offers incredible value, it’s a CIVIVI Elementum.

Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. While other brands like Buck, ZT, Gerber, and Benchmade might carry more clout, you’re going to get amazing value from a CIVIVI Elementum – or any CIVIVI for that matter.

It’s an attractive knife, with its graceful balance of geometry and straight lines. This drop-point knife is also made from extremely high-end materials. Most models of CIVIVI Elementum are made with D2 steel blades with a straight edge. D2 steel is an extremely tough steel that can take a razor’s edge and retain it for quite some time. What it lacks in corrosion resistance, it makes up for in downright durability. This steel is unlikely to snap, chip, or even roll, and it’s not too difficult to sharpen.

These knives are also typically made with G10 scales and feature a liner lock mechanism, although there are also special models of CIVIVI Elementum that are made with button locks or frame locks instead, for those who prefer different ergonomics and durability. Regardless of the type of lock, these knives open fluidly and smoothly, pivoting around a caged ball bearing that is a joy to use. They are comfortable, quick, and easy to deploy. They also allow for comfortable, deep carry via their pocket clips.

Most importantly, there’s a CIVIVI Elementum for everyone. This is one of the most variable pocket knives on the market today, and it comes in a wide range of colors, finishes, lock styles, and more. Whatever your tastes are in a CIVIVI pocket knife (or any pocket knife) There’s an Elementum that can suit your style.

These are some of the top reasons that the Elementum is and has been one of the most sought-after pocket knives on the market for quite some time.

Despite the fact that the CIVIVI Elementum is a winner in nearly every category, it’s not the only great CIVIVI pocket knife out there. Other top CIVIVI knives, as ranked by professionals in the industry as well as users, include but are not limited to:

●CIVIVI Wyvern
●CIVIVI Statera
●CIVIVI Plethiros
●CIVIVI Baklash
●CIVIVI Baby Banter
●CIVIVI Praxis

In this case and in many others, a picture says a thousand words if not more. If you’re looking for an EDC knife at an attractive price point – which makes no compromises whatsoever on quality or material (stainless steel, carbon steel, carbon fiber, G10, and others), a CIVIVI pocket knife (Specifically an Elementum) may be just what you need. CIVIVI’s pocket knives offer all this and more.

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