The Hotel Towel Factory – Choosing Hotel-Quality Towels

Hotel-grade towels provide guests with a cozy, soft, and durable experience that enhances their hotel stay.

Quality towels depend on several factors, including its material. Hotels often favor cotton due to its soft yet absorbent qualities.

Microfiber and bamboo fabric may offer comparable comfort without being as costly. While cheaper, cotton remains superior in both comfort and durability.

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Your customers’ satisfaction depends heavily on the quality of your hotel towels. Bath mats, washcloths and hand towels must be made of only the highest-grade materials; microfiber, bamboo and polyester materials tend to be popular choices; however 100% cotton fabric offers more robustness, durability and absorbency compared to others fabrics on the market.

Thickness also plays an integral part in your towels’ quality, such as long-staple cotton’s cozier, fluffier and softer feel than short-staple cotton towels. To preserve their softness and avoid becoming worn over time, hotel towels should be washed regularly using mild detergent without fabric softeners to maintain softness.


Material used for towels makes a significant impactful statement about its quality and value. While microfiber, polyester and bamboo towels may be popular choices in the market, hotels typically prefer 100% cotton due to its durability, softness and absorbency.

Go Fish Digital conducted a study that revealed 94 percent of hotel guests list towel quality as one of their primary factors in overall satisfaction with the hotel they visit.

Hotel industry businesses recognize the significance of purchasing high-quality towels from suppliers who consistently meet quality and budgetary targets. Orders may be placed online, via email/phone/physical delivery – giving hoteliers the best opportunity to understand exactly what their purchasing for their business.


Towels don’t all measure up to the same quality standards, and this difference in quality has an enormous impact on user experience and durability. Therefore, it is vitally important that when purchasing towels that you understand exactly what you’re purchasing. Fabric and weight all contribute to how your towel performs – one way of measuring this quality is its GSM density which measures fiber density per square meter.

Hotel Towel Factory provides a selection of towel sizes, such as face towels, washcloths and bath sheets. Bath mats can help prevent slipperiness on wet floors by helping keep floors dry.

Most hotels purchase their linens from suppliers with whom they already have an established relationship, typically online or over the phone with a representative, though sometimes visiting physically the manufacturer to view products and confirm requirements can also be beneficial. Some hotels establish regular purchasing schedules while others purchase according to need.

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