The Icebreaker Series: Newest Arrowhead Hydrants

Burst pipes are one of the most common problems among people who live in cold climates. When pipes are not properly drained and water freezes inside them, they can burst, inflicting thousands of dollars in damage to your property.

When it came to securing buildings, property owners only had one option: frost-proof Arrowhead hydrants.

Arrowhead Brass’ newest product offering, Icebreaker can provide the answer to these problems. The Icebreaker is a one-of-a-kind wall hydrant that prevents freezing water from damaging pipes.

How Does the Icebreaker Work?
The Icebreaker freeze-proof wall hydrant is unlike any other wall hydrant on the market. Other frost-proof wall hydrants help protect your property and water supply from the cold by shutting off the flow of water at the heated zone in your property but they don’t guard against freezing water.

With the Icebreaker, its innovative blue vent mechanism will burst outside your wall, preventing water damage within the inside of your walls.

The Icebreaker vent, which is placed outside the wall, prevents the copper tube from bursting in case of a freeze. If the Icebreaker vent freezes, it will burst to release the pressure created by the freezing ice and safeguard the wall hydrant from harm.

Plus, a ruptured Icebreaker vent is simple to replace, saving you money on costly repairs.

How Is Backflow Prevented?
When the water system’s pressures are uneven, a vacuum might form, causing water to flow backward into the house. In the plumbing industry, this is known as backflow or back-siphonage.

If the water in which the hose’s end is submerged is hazardous or contaminated, it will return to the system. This, however, can be easily avoided.

If you already have a hose, check sure the hose’s end is not submerged in the liquid. Back siphonage is always avoided if there is an air gap between the hose and the water.

Arrowhead wall hydrants take this to the next level with their integrated (built-In) backflow prevention feature, Arrow-Breaker technology.

Arrow-Breaker reduces back-siphonage and preserves your water supply without imposing flow limits.

The All-In-One Arrow-Breaker is an integral unit that removes the need for “thread-on” vacuum breakers and the associated flow loss.

Icebreaker Hydrants are Lead-Free
The Icebreaker freeze-proof wall hydrant does not contain any lead. This is important because a buildup of lead in the human body, according to the CDC, can cause life-threatening illnesses and even death.

Lead poisoning is especially dangerous for children under the age of six, as it can hurt their mental and physical development. So having lead-free valves, pipes, connections, and other fittings is critical.

Proper Installation
There are two things to remember when installing Arrowhead Icebreaker for it to function properly:

● The Icebreaker must be positioned at a downward angle to the spout so that water drains when the power is turned off. The Gap Spacer Wedge should be used in installation to guarantee a correct downward direction. This tool comes with every purchase of Arrowhead wall hydrants.

● Water will not flow and drain correctly if the hydrant is installed level or at an upward angle. The trapped water may produce a freeze inside the faucet and burst the copper tube.

Get Arrowhead’s Icebreaker Series for Your Hydrants
If you’re looking to switch to Arrowhead hydrants, get the Icebreaker series for its frost-free and Arrow-Breaker technology.

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