The (Maybe) Discontinued MacBook Air 13: What Now?

It is no secret that Apple, one of the most well-known and reputable companies in the electronic industry today, has a seemingly infinite number of products. They have iPads, iMacs (desktops), MacBooks (the Air, Pro, and others), Apple Watches, iPhones– the list goes on and on.

One of their products that has really caught the attention of professionals and casual electronic users alike is the MacBook Air 13.

While this laptop is one of major merit (and this writer is even currently writing on a MacBook Air 13 at this very moment), Apple announced in November of 2021 that it may discontinue the 13 in 2022. However, that discontinuation hasn’t happened yet nor has it been officially announced.

But what is it about the MacBook Air 13 that makes this announcement so devastating for the Apple community? And is it ultimately worth it for you (or anyone) to purchase one for yourself at this point? Let’s look at some commonly asked questions and their answers for the 13 to understand this digital marvel.

What is the Air 13?
Apple’s MacBook Air has a few options in its diagonal retina display screen sizes, one of the most popular being 13” (hence the “13” in the name of this particular model). The 13-inch is actually more than 13 inches– it’s really 13.3”.

The 13 is a powerful Intel-based laptop from Apple that was first released in 2008. It was the world’s thinnest notebook (only 1.9 centimeters or 0.75 inches!), which set the bar high for future notebooks from not only Apple but from other brands as well. All in all, the 13 was and continues to be a trendsetter in the electronic industry.

Who can use the Air 13?
What’s truly marvelous about the 13 is that it is so universally ideal for people of nearly all occupations, hobbies, and other personal uses. It is exceptionally fast, which makes browsing the internet a cinch, has a high-screen resolution, a comfortable integrated keyboard, and is even fast enough to withstand photo and video editing.

The 13 also has excellent memory and storage capabilities as well, making it a great place to work on, use for personal projects, and save all of your memories, documents, and other important data.

Plus, it is one of the most affordable options from Apple while providing you with a piece of machinery you can really count on. Anyone from students to professionals can reap the benefits of this handy computer!

Is the Air 13 a good laptop?
We would like to say vehemently “YES” to this question. This is because of the aforementioned reasons above: it’s fast, affordable, and spacious. But, its conveniences don’t end there: it is also a secure laptop that is admirable in its longevity, sleek design, battery life, fast trackpad, and ease of use.

Should you invest in a MacBook Air 13 now?
We believe that you can indeed still invest in a 13 right now, despite Apple (kind of) announcing its potential discontinuation of the laptop. This is because it has been a majorly powerful machine for well over a decade. Plus, it isn’t quite going anywhere if Apple does choose to discontinue the 13. It’s only being replaced by the MacBook Air 14.

So, really, the only difference between it and newer models will be 9 inches in the retina screen’s size!

Plus, purchasing one now might even be more advantageous for your bank account, especially if you buy right after the release of the 14!

Where can you buy the MacBook Air 13?
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