The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Priest Collar Shirts

Clergy wear has an abundance of garment types. These garments are worn depending on a variety of factors, from who is wearing them to the particular day they wear them on.

One classic example of a garment worn by the clergy in a variety of scenarios is priest collar shirts, which is a specific type of clergy shirt. Let’s take a closer look at these shirts, especially what more specifically they are, who wears them, where and when they are worn, and what purpose they serve in their clergy.

What are priest collar shirts?
Clergy shirts are commonly worn shirts by priests, ministers, and pastors. There are two types of clergy shirts: tab-collar and neckband.

Tab-collar clergy shirts have fold-down collars for proper priest collar insertion (hence why these shirts are also called priest collar shirts). Priest collars are made of either plastic or cloth and have other names as well, such as clergy collar, clerical collar, Roman collar, and, yes, even dog collar (albeit informally and for fully visible collars).

Meanwhile, neckband clergy shirts do not have a collar but do feature a white band instead of an area for an insertable collar.

Who wears these shirts?
As mentioned above, priests, ministers, and pastors typically wear these shirts. However, it doesn’t end there as anyone in the Catholic rankings wears these shirts. Bishops, deacons, and even seminarians can and often wear these shirts, too.

When and where do clergy members wear these shirts?
Clergy members typically wear these shirts during liturgical ceremonies and situations. These shirts have almost entirely replaced cassocks and are often worn beneath certain other vestments. They should also wear these shirts in public settings while out in the community, but they are not required to wear them during physical activities.

Why do these clergy members wear these shirts?
Not only are these shirts a perfect clothing item for the clergy as they are highly adaptable to various scenarios, but they do serve a meaningful purpose as well from collar to color.

Clergy collars symbolize the wearer’s religious calling and unique connection with God. They also assist others in the community in identifying them with ease.

The collars have specific meanings but as do the colors of the shirts being worn. White clergy shirts are typically worn during more formal occasions, such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms. Black, on the other hand, is worn the most often in more casual settings, like going to the grocery store.

The other two most commonly worn colors are red and purple. Red is reserved for the higher-ranking clergy officials, like cardinals and bishops. Purple is used for services of repentance but also to distinguish that someone holds a specific role in the church.

Where do clergy members get the best priest collar shirts?
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