Top 10 Zero Tolerance Knives

If there’s one thing Zero Tolerance knives are known for, it’s producing extraordinarily tough pocket knives from top-flight materials and then giving them bland, numerical names.

Whatever the case, ZT knives are hard-use, down-to-earth tools that will not flinch or flag. Designed by industry icons like Dmitry Sinkevich and Rick Hinderer, they’re the constant companions of law enforcement, paramilitary and first responders – though any of these will be right at home in your pocket as an EDC tool.

1. ZT 0450
Designed by Dmitry Sinkevich, the ZT 0450 is a knife that will catch your eye. It’s over 7 inches in total length, with a handsome, straight-backed blade with a fairly fine point and plenty of belly. The flipper is smooth and fast, lockup is sure, and the stonewash finish titanium scales put the finishing touches on this grand knife.

2. ZT 0095
A little bit on the smaller side, the 0095 may give some with larger hands just a three-finger purchase, but otherwise the ergs of this handsome black knife are top tier. It features a fluid action that deploys rapidly and surely and a gracefully swept straight edge that is ideal for an EDC slicer.

3. ZT 0301
With a burly, tactile grip and a stubby blade with an attractive tiger-stripe finish, this is at least a highly memorable knife. The crowning glory of the model is its S30V blade that gets top marks for toughness, corrosion resistance, and most importantly, edge retention.

4. ZT 0640
Designed by Ernest Emerson, the Zero Tolerance knives 0640 is both attractive and practical. The 20CV blade is exceptionally tough and offers great edge retention; it also opens deploys smoothly thanks to the models phosphor bronze washers.

It gets high marks for aesthetics, too, with attractively knurled hardware that provides a great grip and green and black carbon fiber scalres that really make teh knife pop.

5. ZT 0230
The ZT 0230 is highly atypical among Zero Tolerance knives, which are known for their sturdy locking mechanisms and flippers. By contrast, the 0230 is a slip joint folder with a nail nick and a light but tough carbon fiber handle.

As for the blade, it’s made of 20CV steel and sports a distinctive sheepsfoot profile, affording excellent strength near the tip. It would make an excellent knife for carving or even a sailor’s knife.

6. ZT 0562 Hinderer
A 20CV blade and titanium scales give this knife an attractive, monochromatic impression, and they also make it rock solid. It flips open like a dream, thanks to the KVT ball-bearing washers and flipper mechanism.

7. ZT 0707
The ZT 0707 is surprisingly slender for such a large knife – it’s over 8 inches long overall. With a fine tip and plenty of straight edge for slicing, it’s the optimal EDC tool, and the 20CV blade gets high marks for toughness and edge retention.

Carbon fiber and titanium scales round out this knife’s design and are both attractive, functional, comfortable, and nearly impervious to the elements.

8. ZT 0055
The 0055 looks like a piece of machinery, with its abrupt angles, sharp lines, and differential grind. It’s not just attractive but functional and deploys effortlessly via its caged ball bearings and SLT, or “Spring Loaded Tab” flipper, that eliminated the need for a traditional flipper tab.

9. ZT 0460
With a gracefully trailing point and swept edge, the ZT 0460 is one of a kind. Inspired by Persona Shamshir swords (similar to scimitars) the 0460 is perfect for those that do a lot of cutting and need a lot of edge to work with – but the ergs and durability of this knife are top-tier, too.

10. ZT 0777
If we were to rate ZT knives on nothing more than cool-factor, the 0777 would probably take the cake. It features 3D carbon fiber handles that create the illusion of continuity with the blade, which is made from a combination of a Damascus steel and a rare powdered steel known as Vanax 35.

Beautiful and functional, the ZT 0777 is a knife you won’t be able to help but love if you can get your hands on one.

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