Top 9 AR15 Accessories

The AR-15 is America’s Rifle for a reason. It’s lightweight, modular, and importantly – expandable. Whether your AR has a Pic rail or an M-LOK rail, you’re going to have plenty of room to add these top 9 AR15 accessories to your rifle – especially since some of them don’t mount to the rail.

1. Red dot sight
Some shooters prefer glass in the form of a scope, but a red dot sight can give a better ability to point and shoot, without any fear of parallax distortion. Plus, you can shoot offhand, reflexively, and keep your sight picture open with a red dot sight. They’re not quite as effective for long-range shooting, but they’re ideal at closer ranges.

2. Backup, offset iron sights
One is none and two is one. If you have a scope or a red dot sight, you still need a backup iron sight set. Get a pair of offset backup iron sights and you can use them if the power fails on your red dot. Plus, iron sights are good in all conditions except one – the dark (see below).

3. A WML
What you can’t see can kill you. A weapon-mounted light or a WML will shed light in the darkness when things go bump in the night and can help you establish a positive ID in adverse conditions before you put your finger on the trigger. It’s a must for home defense and law enforcement.

4. Muzzle brake (if you don’t have a flash suppressor)
A lot of shooters prefer a flash suppressor, but some competitive shooters and hunters might do better with a muzzle brake. A brake will port gases more effectively, cutting back significantly on felt recoil. A muzzle brake will also help keep muzzle rise down, so you can make quicker, more accurate follow-up shots.

5. A laser sight
The great thing about a laser sight is, like backup iron sights, you can add some somewhere to your rail without getting in the way of your other optics. Actually, a laser sight could be a triple redundancy measure, after iron sights and a scope. Also, like a red dot, a laser sight will help enable you to make quicker offhand shots, reflexively.

6. Rail covers
If your AR-15 has a Picatinny rail with unused space, all of those ridges and edges stick out like a sore thumb, they can catch up on gear and they’re uncomfortable to grip. That problem can easily be solved with a set of rail covers.

7. An ambidextrous charging handle
Mil-spec charging handles work just fine but they are difficult to operate in cold weather with heavy gloves, in the dark, and with the non-dominant hand. Get a more ergonomic, practical charging handle and improve your shooting experience.

8. A better trigger
If your factory trigger is gritty, mushy, or worse, unpredictable, drop in a new precision trigger assembly. A crisp, clean trigger will improve your confidence while helping you shrink the size of your groups.

9. A new bolt carrier group
Mil-spec, phosphate-coated BCGs are practical. They’re corrosion-resistant and though. However, modern BCGs with high-tech nitride or nickel-boron coatings exhibit better corrosion and permanent dry lubricity, making them easier to clean while also boosting cycling time.

10. A vertical grip for the handguard
Not everyone is comfortable using their support hand to grip the handguard directly. Adding a folding vertical grip is affordable, easy to implement, and can significantly improve your control.

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