Top-Selling Golf Shafts for Drivers in 2022

Each year golf equipment companies come out with new golf shafts for drivers, trying to outdo the previous year’s lines. They are lighter, stronger, thinner, stiffer, and more responsive than ever before.

Countless hours of research and development go into each one – and then countless more hours of validation through technical tests and on-the-course trials.

These are some of the top-selling golf shafts for drivers for 2022.

Project X HZRDUS
The Project X line of HZRDUS golf shafts for drivers are some of the best shafts the game has ever seen. They are light, thin, very strong, and available in a number of different flex options.

Project X HZRDUS Shafts are ideal for offering a delicate balance between power, stability, and feel. They are available in a few different flex options and several different “colors.” Project X HZRDUS shafts are noteworthy for their ability to help golfers improve control and distance.

Specifically, it is the Project X HZRDUS Black that has garnered so much attention. It is suitable for golfers with a wide range of swing speeds but best for golfers with high swing speeds because of its stiffness.

Fujikura Vista
The Fujikura Vista is also available in a number of different shaft flex options, enabling it to boost golfers’ swing speeds easily. It also features Fujikura’s VeloCore Construction, giving it a “cage structure” for solid handling and feel, despite the shaft flex. One of the great things about the VIsta is that these shafts promote consistent golf ball launch angle to help control accuracy and shot dispersion, regardless of shaft flex.

Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue
The Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue shaft represents an excellent value among golf shafts for drivers. This is one of the more affordable entries here, and despite the fact that it does as easily enable golfers to generate quite the same distances as some higher-end shafts, it’s still very high quality.

It’s lightweight, and stiff through the tip section with a fairly low kick point, providing flexibility suitable for players with slower swing speeds, without compromising on sensitivity. That lower kick point also enables the golf club to achieve higher launches for greater distances,

Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Blue
Finally, we have the Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Blue; TENSEI shafts afford excellent performance and great value regardless of the model, but the TENSEI CK Blue 50 in Senior Flex represents amazing value and performance, especially for senior golfers.

With its mid-kick point, this graphite shaft offers a central launching shaft, for mid-launch and low spin on ball flight. This helps to maximize range and accuracy for golfers with slower swing speeds while keeping a lid on the factors that can increase shot dispersion and hamper accuracy.

Which One of These Golf Shafts for Drivers Is Right for Me?
Just because these are some of the most popular and highly rated golf shafts for drivers on the market right now, does not mean that any one of them is automatically a fit for you.

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