Top Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bags

Is the old golf stand bag on its last legs, no pun intended? If so, it’s still March and there’s time to get yourself a new one before heading to the driving range or out to walk the course for the real deal.

Plus, you can hardly go wrong with a Sun Mountain golf stand bag, and there are plenty of new releases for this year. Here are some of the best of them!

1. Sun Mountain 2022 2.5+ 14-Way Stand Bag
At under three pounds (empty), the Sun Mountain 2022 2.5+ is one of the lightest golf stand bags on the market, period.

But even though it skimps on weight doesn’t mean it skimps on the features. This golf bag also offers a 14 way top with dividers that run the full length of the bag to protect your shafts.

It also has padded, comfortable foam shoulder straps, 6 pockets for storing all of your essential gear, and comes with a rain hood to keep your clubs and equipment dry.

2. Sun Mountain 2022 4.5+ 14-Way Stand Bag
The Sun Mountain 2022 4.5+ 14-way stand bag might be a little bigger and heavier than the 2.5+, but that’s only because it offers more room for your essentials.

Like the 2.5+, it offers 14, full-length shaft dividers. It also features an EZ-Fit Dual Strap System and a lumbar support airflow hip pad to keep you cool and comfortable through long days on your feet.

Since it’s a bit bigger and roomier, it also comes with 9 pockets for storing your gear and comes with a rain hood.

3. Sun Mountain Metro Stand Bag
Do you love classic lines and simplicity? Then the Sun Mountain Metro Stand Bag might be just the ticket for you.

Understated by functional, the Metro is everyman’s golf bag. It has a 9-inch, 4 way top with full-length dividers and also comes with 7 adequate pockets for all of your gear.

It also features a shoulder strap for comfort – but here’s the real selling point. The Metro is made from easy-to-clean vinyl. Just wipe it down after a day on the course and you’ll be ready the next. Plus it weighs just over 4 pounds!

4. Sun Mountain 3.5+ LS Stand Bag
You might think the 3.5+ LS stands somewhere between the 2.5 and 4.5+, but for capacity, the 3.5+ LS might be tops.

This one has a 9-inch top with a 4-way divider, but it also offers another pocket for keeping your gear – bringing the grand total to ten.

It also features a comfort-grip handle, an updated strap system, and strong but lightweight carbon fiber legs.

5. Sun Mountain 2022 Eco-Lite Stand Bag
Last but not least, the Sun Mountain 2022 Eco-Lite Stand Bag is a great choice for anyone who needs a quality, dependable, lightweight Sun Mountain golf stand bag.

It offers a 9-inch, 4-way divider, has 5 pockets for plenty of room, features an advanced strap system for supporting weight, and comes with a matching rain hood.

The coolest feature of all, though, is that each bag is made with recycled material. About twenty-five, 20-ounce bottles are used to make each one!

Where Can You Get These Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bags?
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