Troubleshooting Leonard Mixing Valves? You Need a Leonard Valve Rebuild Kit

Leonard Mixing Valves keep the water pressure and temperature constant. They can, however, wear out over time and stop performing as well as it once did. Troubleshooting your valve problems will help you determine if it needs a repair or a rebuild. So that you’re ready for any eventuality, you need a Leonard Valve rebuild kit.

How Often Should You Service Mixing Valves?
Mixing valve service should be done once a year. If you detect a problem, it should be serviced more frequently. A fluctuation in water temperature is frequently a symptom of mixing valve difficulties. Both water systems and mixing valves should be tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good working condition.

If your mixing valve is not serviced on a regular basis and a problem occurs, you are putting your service users at risk. Scalding and Legionella contamination are two of the most serious hazards.

Testing and Maintenance
Mixing valve maintenance is an important component of keeping it safe. It’s critical to check that the valves are working and that they will protect you from scalding. To keep mixing valve safe for users, perform the following tasks:

Temperature Control
Control and maintain water temperature to guarantee health and safety at all points of use of water.

● Water Temperature Output
Legionella grows at temperatures above 40°C, thus hot water should never be held at this temperature. The temperature of the hot water input should be between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the cold water supply should be below 20°C. The water should then be discharged at a temperature of 39-43°C. A 2°C or greater shift in water temperature can signal an issue with your mixing valve.

Water Quality Regulations
Regular cleaning, descaling, and disinfection of mixing valve components ensure that water quality standards and flow rates are met.

Failsafe Feature
Ensure that the mixing valve’s fail safe systems are operational and working properly in order to protect users.

Specifications Check
Inspect if the mixing valve is installed according to the specifications.

All inspections, maintenance, and servicing must be documented for future reference.

What to Expect During Mixing Valve Servicing
When your mixing valve is being serviced, the findings will be tested against those initially obtained during the commissioning stage. The valve will be marked as functional if no substantial changes occur.

A full rebuild will be necessary if the water temperature has climbed by more than 2°C or the failsafe has failed. A visual inspection of the valve is performed, as well as a complete cleaning, descaling, and disinfection process.

It’s important to get a professional to service your mixing valve and to have it regularly serviced for efficient and safe operation.

What to Watch Out For
When the following starts to happen, especially if they’re happening often, you may have to do a complete rebuild.

● Low water pressure
It is possible to clean the blockage by simply removing the hot water mixing valve, but a rebuild is more cost-efficient and safe because, over time, rust can cause damage to hot water mixing valves, potentially increasing your expenses. If you have a clog, your best bet is to replace the hot water mixing valve with a new one.

● No hot water
If you’re only getting cold water from your shower, it’s likely that your hot water mixing valve has broken down.

● Inconsistent hot water
Mixing valves deteriorate with time and can fail due to wear and tear. Proper water temperature regulation may fail from time to time.

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