Troubleshooting Sloan Flush Valve Urinals

In a commercial building, the restrooms are one of the busiest locations. As a property manager or business owner responsible for their maintenance, understanding the basics of urinal plumbing and how to fix common problems will be helpful.

A urinal that is leaking or overflowing can rapidly turn into a restroom nightmare. So below are quick tips for fixing your Sloan flush valves before your small urinal problem becomes a big one.

Your in-house maintenance can easily resolve some of these issues but you may need repair kits and replacement parts ready for other issues.

Urinal won’t stop running
A defective or dirty diaphragm could be the reason why your urinal won’t stop running. To check and fix the problem, turn off the main water line then urn off the second line that supplies the problematic urinal. Remove the flush head cover and inspect the diaphragm for anything stopping it, as well as whether it’s broken or in need of repair.

Low flush pressure
The urinal won’t flush correctly if the flush pressure is too low. In contrast, when the flush pressure is too high, water can splash outside the urinal, causing a mess that neither you nor your customers will enjoy. Simply detach the cap protecting the flush head and turn the pressure regulator clockwise to lower the flow and counterclockwise to increase the flow.

Urinal not flushing
This is a common issue, yet as common as it is, there are a variety of reasons why this can happen. For instance, a break in the piping leading to the urinal can easily be the cause. When main pipes are the problem, then you have a more serious problem at hand since that will necessitate huge repairs.

It could also be as simple as a lever problem or as complicated as flushing system failure. If it’s a handle problem, replace the handle. If the flush valve is broken, then you have to replace it.

There is a leak
A flush valve can leak from several different places. The leak may come from the handle, the cover, the vacuum breaker, and others. The solution will depend on where the leak is specifically coming from.

You can’t completely prevent leaks, as some leaks are caused by normal wear and tear. However, you can reduce the likelihood of urinal leaks and other serious issues by developing a maintenance plan.

If you can take preventive measures and make periodic inspections a regular part of your property’s restroom maintenance, then you can greatly improve your visitors’ restroom experience as well as extend the life of your restroom equipment.

Urinal issues can easily overwhelm most business owners or facility managers because they can cost any business. Clogged and leaking urinals are not only an inconvenience but are also an added expense. Leaks can shoot your water expenses up if not addressed immediately.

To avoid any problem from getting out of hand, keep a strict maintenance schedule and make sure to address any indicator of urinal problems as soon as possible. Also, keep a supply of spare parts on hand for fast repairs.

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