Using Modern Room Dividers (and Other Tips) to Adjust the Feeling of Space in a Room

So much of how much “space” is actually in a room boils down to two things: arrangement and perception. Yes, a room has quantifiable, objective dimensions, but spaces leave an impression on you that the numbers just don’t tell.

What we’re getting at is you can make a room feel much larger (or smaller, for that matter) simply by what you place in the room and where and how you place it.

To that end, here are five tips for how to make it seem like a room is larger or smaller than it actually is, using modern room dividers, furniture, and more.

1. Use modern room dividers
In the absence of a wall, you can use modern room dividers to create an instant partition within a room, splitting it into two or more distinct “spaces.”

Room dividers can be used to make a space feel cozier and more private, to allot a space for a home office (from a larger living room) create a little dining room or corner, and much more.

Plus, high-quality room dividers are often made from premium materials like bamboo and rice paper or even solid wood panels and are often attractively decorated to compliment your home decor. Room dividers can also fold away for easy storage, too.

2. No dividers? Use a bookshelf!
If you don’t have folding room dividers available you can use the next best thing: a bookshelf (or a set of bookshelves).

Bookshelves can be easily and conveniently rearranged in the absence of folding screens and may even be taller, giving even more privacy.

3. Rearrange furniture
Rearranging furniture is another way to “open up” or “close off” a space. For example, shifting a sofa off of the edge of a wall and into a room can create a smaller, cozier corner while simultaneously creating a “wall” behind it.

You can also get creative with tables, chairs, ottomans, and even bar stools. By sitting them along natural edges (like a wall) you can create more negative space in the center of a room that will make it seem more open.

4. Hang curtains or beads around a nook or corner
Nooks in a room, as well as certain corners, can also be easily partitioned with the addition of beads or drapes. Plus, hanging beads or drapes also gives you the ability to further match the interior decor while creating an avant-garde aesthetic.

5. Use a contrasting rug (hear us out)
Using a sharply contrasting rug is another really unique way to create boundaries within a room. It doesn’t make the room necessarily feel larger or smaller, but it will create a soft partition that gives the impression that a room has certain boundaries or more than one single space.

Where Can You Get Modern Room Dividers?
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