Various Spyderco Knives That Caters To All Your Knife Needs

In the knife industry, Spyderco Knives is a household name. Since its founding in Golden, Colorado, Spyderco has been making knives and other equipment with a reputation for innovating and always improving its designs.

Recently, Spyderco Knives marked its 40th anniversary with the release of the Native V featuring a Damasteel blade made of carbon fiber. It’s strange to believe that Spyderco has been producing knives that are long on utility but short on form for four decades now.

To a layperson, they are the sort of knives that only those who have used them can truly appreciate. They have natural ergonomics, solid locks, smooth actions, and devotion to top-of-the-line exotic blade steels that keep the devotee returning year after year

Matriarch II by Spyderco
When it comes to the Civilian’s predecessor, the Spyderco Matriarch, there’s an odd caution. It is not meant for general use or everyday use due to its specific specialized characteristics. The Spyderco Civilian is, in essence, a velociraptor claw in a pocket knife form… Despite its small size, it can easily rip through garments and delicate tissue because of its strong serrations. A “second best” alternative for police officers who cannot carry a pistol in some scenarios, it can be used by an untrained user to incapacitate a fighter as a last resort.

Spyderco Rhino
Expectations may be a dangerous thing to tamper with. Gear nerds have an easy time getting caught up in the hype, thanks to our inherent enthusiasm for our chosen pastimes. The Spyderco Rhino has arrived. For a long time, I couldn’t recall exactly when Spyderco originally previewed this new model, but at the time it was described as a compact folder with G10 scales and BD1 steel that had an integrated compression lock. To top it all off, the street price was originally set to be roughly $50.00.

Spyderco Kapara
At first glance, the Spyderco Kapara appears to be an enticing option for anyone looking for a pocket-friendly utility knife with a high-end aesthetic and some of the most popular features from Spyderco. It’s hard to call the Kapara a pocket knife with its almost four-inch blade, but it’s certainly not a big one either. Dimensions aren’t everything, though, for, despite its length, it has a slender, supple feel about it.

Spyderco Hundred Pacer
Venomous snakes like the Hundred Pacer are called after the Taiwanese viper, which, according to local tradition, can kill its victims within 100 paces of its attack. It’s difficult to get a feel of the Hundred Pacer’s grandeur from images alone because of its strangely sized form. Due to a clever utilization of handle space, the Hundred Pacer is able to pack a little more oomph into its overall length than the full-sized Military.

Spyderco Mantra 1
Mantra’s handle is 4″ long, the blade is 3 1/8″ long, and the entire length is 7 1/8″ long. Taiwan-made. It has a net weight of 3 ounces. It’s a little heavier and a little larger than the original Delica 4 model.

Spyderco Positron
With a leaf-shaped blade, you’ll get the job done When it comes to slicing, the Delica’s extra state-of-the-art length and blade breadth make a big impact. Without being too huge or burdensome, the blade of the Mantra is accurate and effective without being overly large. The blade form is pure gold, but the ergonomics interfere a little.

The Positron is the second partnership between Spyderco and Southard. Brad’s primal lines are juxtaposed with shiny steel and carbon fiber to create contemporary artwork. However, Brad’s design has a level of polish that few other knifemakers can equal.

Spyderco is always looking for new ways to improve. Each of their designs has a “Spyderhole” deployment hole, which they are credited with inventing. There are a number of additional innovations that they have developed that have been patented, including the usage of the pocket clip. Visit The Knife Connection for a collection of authentic Spyderco Knives today.

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