What Are Some Top Beginner Airsoft Guns?

There are countless lists of “best beginner airsoft guns” out there. Most of them are bait to get you to click on a seller’s website with the high hope you’ll buy not only one of those airsoft guns listed but also an unholy load of attachments, ammo, and accessories.

Many, however, are good countdowns. We took a look through some of the best of them before compiling this list of some of the best beginner airsoft guns out there.

We evaluate beginner airsoft guns on several key features, being: Ease of use, maintenance and customization, the durability of components, simplicity of operation (the more straightforward an airsoft gun is, the harder it is for a real greenhorn to break it), and of course, affordability.

These beginner airsoft guns offer a good balance of all of these traits.

G&G CM16 Raider: The G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider is a starter airsoft gun that tops the list because it is so affordable, extremely durable, and upgradable in the future. It has such a list of things to love about it that it’s hard to succinctly describe them all in a short post. It has a high-quality polymer receiver, metal internals (including an upgradable gearbox), an adjustable stock, plenty of room for attachments, and the ability to upgrade. Plus, you can score one for under $200.

Tokyo Marui M4A1: Yes, this is a GBB airsoft rifle, which we know some people won’t like, but if you’re carrying a GBB pistol (and who isn’t) you can potentially use the same gas canister to refuel both. Plus, you won’t have to worry about batteries dying. Also, this Colt licensed airsoft rifle is made with a CNC machined aluminum receiver, also features high-quality internals, is adjustable, and has plenty of rail space. This beginner airsoft gun gets lower marks on price, though, as it’s several times more expensive than the CM16 Raider.

JG AK47 (Metal & Wood): This affordable, durable AEG gets high marks across the board for all things except rail space (even though it still has some over the receiver). It’s made of real wood and metal, has a metal gearbox, and offers some other nice features like a rear sling mount and adjustable hop-up. We also like the price you can probably get one for less than $300.

● Lancer Tactical LT-15B-G2 M4: Our final pick for “top” beginner airsoft guns is the Lancer Tactical G2 LT-15B, modeled after the M4. It features polymer upper and lower receivers, is adjustable, with plenty of room for attachments, and sports a Version 2 metal gearbox with a quick change spring as well as a rotary hop-up. For the price (sub-$200) it’s a serious steal that’s perfect for beginners to get into the world of airsoft.

Where Can I Get These Beginner Airsoft Guns?

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