What are the benefits of visiting a Hammam?


Hammams can be enjoyed in a spa environment. It can be very revitalizing and can make you feel more youthful than ever hammam spa UK

Your hammam sessions will be more enjoyable if you give yourself “privilege” time to relax and calm down.

Search for the perfect moment

When you have the time, make an appointment at After the hammam, don’t expect to feel stressed. Relax and think about your day only. Hammams offer a sense of complete well-being that is at the level of your spirit and body.

A visit to a sauna, steam room or hammam has 10 immediate benefits.

  1. Both your mind and body can be detoxed. You can relax deeply and reduce stress.
  2. Beautifying your face and body. Get rid of dead skin and unclog pores to eliminate toxins.
  3. Acne is a treatable condition. To reduce acne, scarring, and redden the skin, regulate oil production.
  4. Protective, skin nourishing, and rehydration. Vitamins and minerals essential for our health.
  5. Anti-ageing. Allow your tissues and inner organs to breathe. It can help to tone, firm, and improve skin’s elasticity.
  6. Reduce muscle tension. It can reduce muscle pain and rheumatism.
  7. You will have a better night’s sleep. You will feel refreshed while you sleep.
  8. Boost your immune system. Increase blood circulation.
  9. The connection between your body and your mind. You will feel more balanced and have more energy.
  10. Feel beautiful. Feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Moroccan Hammam treatment

Moroccan Hammam can be used to relax the mind and body. You can do it in many ways but the main components are a cleanse with black soap, exfoliation with a kessa brush, and a mask of mineralized Rhassoul clay to rehydrate your skin.

Stages in a Hammam

Hammams can be a wonderful experience for your whole body. Hammams can help you get rid of bacteria and dirt, while deep relaxing your body. It is possible to let go of all the tension and stress that has built up throughout the week and relax.

Create a session

Relaxing is about having nothing to do. You need to have everything you require for a relaxing Hammam. Although the swimsuit can be worn as an accessory, it is essential. You can wear it during sessions, depending on which Hammam you visit and what style you prefer. Flip-flops can be worn wet. Towels and bathrobes are indispensable companions to the hammam. Moroccan Hammam thought about you when it came time to purchase accessories and products. The perfect Hammam Kit includes black soap, kessa glove, argan oil, and Rhassoul.

Explore the history of

By entering the Hammam, you can absorb the culture and origins. Hammam, Arabic for “hot water”, is a result of Roman baths. It was originally a public space in many Arab nations, but quickly became a place for relaxation.

Traditional hammams will typically have two to four rooms, each with a different temperature and density. Heat is a key feature of a good hammam. It is 100% water-saturated, and it increases with more space. This is the principle behind the hammam.

The hammam can help with colds by opening the sinus and nasal passages. You can also use the hammam to treat rheumatism-related muscle pain.

If you feel tired or stressed, the hammam can help you relax.


Who says heat, says dehydration? The Hammam’s many benefits can only be enjoyed if you properly hydrate your body. Bring water to help offset any water loss. Regular showers are a great way to boost your immune system and refresh it. This is a great way for relaxation, and it can also help to tighten your skin to promote restful sleep.

Black soap Ritual

The main purpose for the hammams is to care for your body. You can use the hammam for any type of hair care, including the full-body scrub and the hair mask. After you’ve finished in the steam room you can scrub your skin with the Kessa gloves. You can either have a friend or hostess help you do this. After steaming your skin, apply Black soap to your entire body.

Kessa glove exfoliation

Allow the moisturizing properties of the Kessa glove to work for ten to fifteen minutes. After rinsing, rinse with plenty of water and then vigorously rub the Kessa glove. Your body will be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. Now your skin will be soft and has shed its old cells. Your skin will be more sensitive to the next step if you take care of it.

Rhassoul Clay

You can still enjoy secretly preserved natural products from Moroccan women for centuries. The black soap and the use of kessa gloves for scrubbing are now known. You can also check out Rhassoul which contains astringents and degreasings as well as absorbents and softening properties. It can be used as a shampoo, or as a mask for hair. Rhassoul is known to reduce oily hair and increase the production of sebum. It can be used on all skin types.

The reward… pure Argan Oil

Relax and let the steam work its magic to take away all tensions and worries. Enjoy the soothing aromas of eucalyptus and decoration candles, and the overall ambience.

It’s now time to indulge in argan oil. After the relaxation phase has ended, you can now indulge in the full benefits of the hammam. Argan oils should be applied to the face and body of your body while it is still damp in order to get the best hammam experience. This will soften and replenish the skin. This is a great way for your skin to be protected from the cold and keep it hydrated. A royal massage with argan oil is a great way to relax.

Traditionally, the end of a session was in a room designed for relaxation. Here you could have mint tea or oriental pastries. Modern spas may offer champagne and a glass wine.

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