What Are the Best Fastpitch Softball Bats?

Anyone shopping for the best fastpitch bats will be familiar with some of the technical specifications that a bat must meet in order to be approved for play in a variety of fastpitch leagues or organizations. For example, on the technical side, most fastpitch bats (if not all) must have a barrel diameter not to exceed 2 and a quarter inches, with a weight below 31 and a half ounces, and a length of 34 inches or less.

This is a very high-level view, and if you want to take a step back from it, if a bat is stamped with the right label of approval for the league in question, then you’re probably good to go. Still, that doesn’t answer the question of what is the best instead of what the best fastpitch softball bats really are.

To follow, one can take other approaches to find the best bats, namely an approach that takes into account either the brand or the material from which the bat is made, or both. No doubt some of the best bats are made by Easton, Louisville Slugger, Marucci, and DeMarini, but it is more practical to take a look at the material from which the bat is made than the brand. Everyone has their own bias in brand, but one can take a much more objective view of material, technological implications notwithstanding. This will leave you to choose, broadly, between wooden bats, aluminum bats, and bats made of composite material, respectively.

Wooden Bats – Wooden bats are preferred by some, especially for professional baseball bats, and there are some good reasons for these preferences. Although wood can be particular about mishits, it has some of the best feel on contact of any bat material, and despite the fact that each bat has a unique sweet spot, when you connect with a wooden bat you can really produce results.

Aluminum Bats – Aluminum bats tend to have massive sweet spots when compared to wood, and they are also much more forgiving of mishits. In fact, aluminum bats might rightly be called the toughest bats in the game since they are basically indestructible. They can also be produced with more of an end-load or a more balanced swing weight since alloy bats can be manipulated in ways that wood cannot.

Composite Bats – Composite bats have some of the benefits of aluminum and some of the benefits of wood. Some of them are made with a double-barrel design that increases compression and maximizes performance; in addition, come bat features include multiple piece design and improved grips that improve feel while they reduce vibration. Also, light aluminum, they can be made very tough.

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