What Are the Best Name Badge Accessories to Use for Work?

When deciding on what you want your custom badges to look like, you will likely be presented with many options for badge accessories to enhance them. To help you feel more confident in making your decisions, here is some helpful information on several different types of accessories you can use with your employees’ name tags.

Holder & Lanyard
The first of these must-have badge accessories includes a badge holder and lanyard for your photo ID card. These are both great accessories for practical reasons that have to do with using them on a daily basis. These are great for helping your employees secure their badges, but also make it easier on the company so you will not have to replace cards frequently due to being lost or damaged.

The ID badge holder keeps it safe and secure from anything that might cause damage or make the design wear away. We will often see name badges appear scraped and scruffed just months after owning them because they were kept in someone’s pocket or purse for even brief periods of time. Jangling keys, spare change, or anything else that’s even somewhat abrasive may already be enough to scratch the ink off the ID card.

Name badge lanyards are super practical in a different way. Instead of protecting the ID itself, they protect it from getting lost. It is so easy to accidentally drop your ID card somewhere or have it slip out of your pocket. Attaching a lanyard to it is a great way to keep track of it better.

You can wear it around your neck or leave it stashed in your pocket or bag with the lanyard making it much more noticeable and easy to grab a hold of.

Badge Medallions
If you are looking for some sort of way to celebrate employees who have been with the company longer or who have done great things at work, badge medallions might be a good option for you. These badge accessories are small metal tags that can be added to name badges easily without leaving marks of course. They can take on different designs, but a popular one is the star embellishment, signifying that an employee is distinguished.

You can use these any way you like. You can also use them across all of the employees’ name tags as a decorative element if you think it would be a nice, subtle detail.

Name Badge Talkers
While the two badge accessories we mentioned above are more for the benefit of the employees, the badge talkers are definitely there for the clients. Badge talkers are like small add-ons that you can adhere to your name badge as an extra detail. Depending on what you want it for, you can either use it as a decorative feature or to serve a purpose.

Just to add a fun personal touch to the way the employees look, some companies will offer them these badge talkers in seasonal designs, often for the holidays. It shows some lighthearted cheer which is very welcome in the workplace at times. It also makes the employees appear more inviting and friendly to new clients.

On a more functional note, badge talkers also work perfectly as a way to communicate with clients at a glance. They can be used to highlight which languages a particular employee speaks, which is incredibly helpful for businesses that work with international clients or multicultural communities. If your employees speak multiple languages, this is a great way to showcase that through easy-to-use badge accessories.

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