What Is So Great About TOPS Knives Anyway?

When you are purchasing new tools or other similar items, you want (and deserve) nothing less than “the tops.” And that is precisely why knife enthusiasts around the world use and love TOPS knives.

There are almost countless knife brands on the market today, but only some of these companies can properly meet (and even exceed) knife lovers’ expectations. TOPS is one such brand. TOPS has made it a “point” to continuously design and craft the highest quality tactical knives possible so all their clients can have the knives they want and need– with no disappointments.

But what exactly is it that makes TOPS so special, such a highly popular brand in the knife industry? Let’s take a look at their most redeeming qualities so you can have a better understanding of this brand and what makes their products so desirable.

High-Quality Perennial Knives
Regardless of its application, a knife shouldn’t be easily damaged or broken. It should withstand the test of time and even strenuous conditions– which is exactly what the knives from TOPS can do. Their knives are made of highly durable materials, like G10 and micarta for the handles and 1095 high carbon steel for the blades.

Incredibly Sharp
Is there really anything worse than going to use your knife and you’re met with a dull and nearly useless blade? Fortunately, TOPS doesn’t allow that to happen. Their knives are remarkably sharp and stay that way due to a special coating on their blades.

Experienced Company
You wouldn’t want to buy any product from a company that doesn’t know anything about what they’re selling! TOPS is not such a company by any means. All of their designers have a military background of some capacity, which means they certainly know a thing or two about knife quality.

Wide Range of Applications
No matter what your knife needs are, TOPS can meet them. They create knives for all knife enthusiasts, from military to outdoorsmen and collectors.

Rigorous Designing and Crafting Process for Every Knife
Every knife that TOPS creates has gone through a rigorous designing and crafting process. Each and every one is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, then field-tested by both civilians and soldiers– and instantly loved by all.

Countless Designs for Countless Preferences
While you of course require a knife that can get the desired job done right and efficiently, you need one that also looks good! Aesthetics are indeed an imperative part of any knife. Fortunately, TOPS knives are all stunning works of art, as they come in an enormous selection of color schemes, patterns, and have other attractive attributes.

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