What Is Trace & Evidence 

For the conclusion of a fact (Crime) you need the chronological order of these four tools.

1. Traces: Represents any mark, fact, or sign left at the scene of the crime. Example: Fingerprints, Footprints, among others

2. Indications: Art. 239, CPP ( Code of Criminal Procedure ) “A known and proven circumstance is considered an indication, which, having a relation to the fact, authorizes, by induction, to conclude the existence of another or other circumstances.”

3. Evidence: Represents the trace that, after being analyzed by the experts, is directly related to the case.

4. Evidence: Evidence concerns the means used by the parties, which can be added to the process.

There are two types of tests:

1. Direct Evidence: When it falls directly on the case.

2. Indirect Evidence: When you state another fact to arrive at what you want.

Write it right: proof and evidence have different definitions.

Evidence X Evidence

Either it’s evidence, or it’s just evidence. The evidence is concrete, documented. Evidence does not require evidence: there is certainty even without objective evidence. Therefore, proof and evidence are different things.

Legal, legitimate, lawful, permitted

Legal : what is provided for by law. Legitimate: emanating from the popular will, based on law, reason and justice. Lawful: not prohibited by law, not subject to law. Permitted: which is authorized by law.

brief address

Every address is brief. That’s what the word allocution means . Therefore, in brief allocution there is redundancy. When a long speech is given that name, the redundancy will be enriched with a lie.


Slander: false accusation, to cause harm. Defamation: undoing a good reputation. Infamy: spreading the bad reputation of someone, to destroy. Injury: injustice. Outrage: scandalous insult.

in search of the truth

True Fact: Every fact is true, because only what has already happened is a fact. The fact is that one must choose between: It’s a fact and It’s true . The rest is wrong, therefore untrue.

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