What to Choose from the Best Alternative to Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault

We understand that you have an undying love for all your fur garments, from coats to gloves. However, if you were once a devoted customer of Bloomingdale’s fur vault, we know that you have been feeling lost since its discontinuation of authentic fur garments in February 2021. Faux fur and the like simply won’t cut it.

That is why it’s so imperative for you to find a reliable alternative to your beloved Bloomingdale’s. Fortunately, we are here to supply you with your fur saving grace: Maximilian.

Maximilian was an integral part of Bloomingdale’s fur vault prior to the drastic change in its products’ materials– and it was such for a whopping 20 years! Maximilian now has its very own extensive catalog filled with authentic and high-quality fur garments in both its online store and various physical locations.

Let’s take a look at their categories of real fur products for both women and men in order to pique your interest and further portray just how worthy of your business they are.

Fur Coats
Easily one of the most popular fur garments in the fashion industry today is fur coats. Maximilian has plenty of these stunning and luxurious fashion elements, all of which are created with the most stunning of furs and other materials, such as fox, chinchilla, sable, shearling lamb, wool, mink, rabbit, raccoon, and leather.

Fur Jackets
Are you not looking for a lengthy coat but would rather something that is less in length but similar in style? Then discover Maximilian’s line of stunning fur jackets! They have offerings of the same fur types in the fur coats, but these vary in length from roughly just above the hips to mid-thigh. Plus, there is a myriad of colors and design accents to choose from!

Fur-Trimmed Garments
If you aren’t particularly looking for something that is solely fur, then you might be interested in their line of fur-trimmed products. These offer alluring features of fur without being too much all the while using the advantages of other materials throughout, like alpaca blends, wool blends, polyester, and much more.

The fur-trimmed garments can be jackets, coats, capes, and stoles– all gorgeous garments that any wardrobe would be remiss without!

Reversible Options
Do you want to add a 2-for-1 to your fur collection? Then a reversible jacket or coat might just be what you’re looking for. In purchasing a reversible fur garment, you will be afforded two separate fashion statements– one of which can even potentially protect you and the coat from the elements!

One side is of various and luxurious fur types while the other side boasts a totally different look, whether it be made of polyester, silk, Loro Piana Storm System, or otherwise! Therefore, whether you want to change the look of your outfit to best combat the weather or “just because,” you can efficiently and easily do so with a reversible jacket or coat!

Where would we be without our various accessories? And we aren’t just talking about jewelry or shoes here. You can perfectly accentuate nearly any outfit with fur accessories, too! These include items such as hats, scarves, gloves (that includes fingerless gloves!), headbands, handbags, stoles, and even key chains!

No matter which of Maximilian’s accessories you choose, every one of your outfits will be seamlessly complemented.

Are You Ready to Complete Your Wardrobe? Contact Maximilian Today!
The time is now to purchase an enamoring and high-quality fur garment for yourself! Stop by one of Maximilian’s in-person shops or visit their online furrier store to find the perfect fur piece (or pieces) for you.

For more information about Mink Coats and Mens Fox Fur Coat Please visit: Maximilian/BC International Group, Inc.

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