What to Look for in a Jewelry SEO Company

One of the most important steps of growing a business online is getting a strong foothold on a digital marketing strategy, specifically with respect to search engine optimization, or SEO. You need this in order to better promote your business online and give it the best chance competing against many other companies, all vying for the top spot. The best way to do so is to hire a dedicated jewelry SEO company that will be able to provide this specific service with results as you focus on all the other matters of running a business. While looking for a new digital marketing agency to help your brand, you will want to look for these details. These suggestions will help you choose the best partner to provide SEO services, improving your ranking in the search results and subsequently your organic traffic.

History of Relevant Clients
Right out the gate, one of the things that you want to look at in a jewelry SEO company is a track record of working with jewelry businesses. You need to know that they have actual direct experience in supporting businesses that primarily offer jewelry of some sort. This will tell you right away whether they are claiming to have the potential or the actual history of working within this industry. It makes a great difference in the end. Look within their portfolio of clientele and see if they have worked with some jewelry brands before. It also helps if they have worked with different types of jewelry companies as well, as this shows range within the jewelry industry. So it is a definite plus if they have worked with, let’s say, a fine jewelry company and a handmade beaded bracelet company. Perhaps they worked with a fashion jewelry wholesaler as well as a more bespoke, custom shop’s jewelry website. It is also a good idea to see that they have work in related industries as well, such as fashion and beauty. These industries often overlap and this shows that they know how to apply their skills to different industries. All of this is a great sign in a jewelry SEO company.

Examples of In-Depth Knowledge
In order to gauge the company’s skill set properly, you will want as many examples as possible of their past work with clients in the jewelry and accessories industry. This is not always easy to achieve as many clients are more private about the SEO agency that they hire, but some do allow the agency to showcase the work done for them, and you will see this displayed in the portfolio section of the SEO agency’s website. It may also be titled as clients or case studies. Take a look at these and see how they have performed in the past with their clients. You want to see that they have an in-depth understanding of the industry rather than a superficial, surface-level one. A great way to look at this and truly consider their knowledge of the industry is to see if they have produced content on the subject for their clients. It is always encouraging when a jewelry SEO company performs content creation because it shows that there are employees who do true research on the subject and learn more about the industry. Only then can an online marketing agency provide truly targeted SEO for jewelers with the intent of boosting search rankings.

We encourage you to take your time exploring your options for the perfect jewelry SEO company that can help you to elevate your marketing efforts and put your business out there more with a custom tailored SEO strategy. There is a lot to this business that a proper SEO agency can handle and you want to know that you are handing over the reins (and payments) to a company that will treat your business with care and attention. Consider all of these details we had to offer you and try to find the right company for you. One place you might want to check out is 1digitalagency.com, which is a digital marketing agency with eCommerce SEO experts on staff who have experience in jewelry and accessories. Visit 1DigitalⓇ Agency’s website to learn more about their services and past clients to see if they could be the right company for you.

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