What You Need To Know About The Versatile 3-in-1 Orthopantomograph OP300

The Orthopantomograph OP300 product line from Instrumentarium Dental has consistently ranked as one of the most comprehensive three-in-one imaging systems on the market. The OP300 gives dentists and dental specialists a versatile imaging solution that is able to provide panoramic, cephalometric and cone beam modalities to cover a wide variety of clinical applications.

This dental X-ray machine is a great option for general dentists and specialists that offer a variety of services including: dental implants, oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, and other procedures. Dentists will be able to vastly increase their diagnostic capabilities with the assistance of the OP300, improving the care and treatment of their patients.

The OP300 series from Instrumentarium Dental has several available configurations depending on the clinical needs of the practice. Whether you are in need of digital panoramic imaging or your practice is looking to expand treatment options with an upgrade to CBCT, the OP300 series has you and your patients covered.

The Instrumentarium OP300 digital dental X-ray machine provides high-quality panoramic X-rays that are ideal for the day-to-day needs of dental practices. The OP300 also provides more advanced panoramic imaging programs, including ortho zone, orthogonal, wide arch and extraoral bitewing views.

Affordably priced, this refurbished Instrumentarium panorex from Renew Digital is designed to grow along with your practice with available cephalometric and CBCT upgrades as your diagnostic needs change.

3-in-1 (Panorex, Ceph, and Cone Beam)
The Instrumentarium OP300 3D panoramic + ceph + cone beam system is a 3-in-1 dental CBCT machine that delivers three imaging capabilities: panoramic, cephalometric, and small field of view cone beam scans, which are perfect for surgical guides and implant placement.

The Instrumentarium OP300 CBCT modality offers a FOV size of 6 x 4 cm specifically for localized exams, such as endodontics, and also a 6 x 8 cm FOV to capture an entire arch for surgical guides and implant placement.

This comprehensive 3-in-1 machine comes with Anatomage Invivo software, which sets the standard in dental cone beam imaging software. Anatomage Invivo includes a complete set of image viewing, optimization and treatment planning tools in one platform.

With Renew Digital, you’ll also receive expert service and warranty coverage to ensure optimal performance every step of the way.

OP300 Maxio
The Instrumentarium OP300 Maxio panorex and cone beam system combines advanced 2D panoramic scans with fully adjustable dental cone beam imaging. The OP300 Maxio’s free FOV allows operators to select the desired region of interest while providing complete freedom of positioning. You may choose from five FOV sizes, ranging from 5×5 cm up to 13×15 cm, which ultimately provides a wide range of clinical applications.

This machine’s Low Dose Technology (LDT) delivers optimized cone beam CT scans at a radiation dose up to five times lower than traditional 2D panoramic X-rays. The OP300 Maxio dental X-ray machine can be upgraded with cephalometric imaging by the manufacturer at any given time. This will further enhance the system’s diagnostic capabilities. This certified pre-owned OP300 Maxio from Renew Digital is a great option for an extremely economical large field of view CBCT.

Trust and Experience the Renew Digital Difference
Instrumentarium’s Orthopantomograph OP300 versatility helps meet the needs of many growing dental and dental specialty practices. The experts at Renew Digital can explore your needs and help line up the right product at the best value.

Renew Digital offers certified, pre-owned dental x-ray systems at a savings of up to 30-50% off new list prices. Warranty and training is also included, so you have peace-of-mind now and in the future.

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