What’s The Best Gaming Computer Builder In 2022?

This is a question that often gets asked, especially by gamers who want to experience the benefits of getting a completely customized gaming rig, but also want to make sure their components are installed correctly ensuring peak performance.

There were two main ways to achieve this.

The first was to search for the best gaming PCs online and see the first few results on Google. However, this usually led to confusing answers as gaming PC manufacturers usually design a few “official” models and hope they fit the bill for the widest of audiences. This is not a bad idea since it reduces costs and time, the two most important resources in this industry. However, it usually means you´re tied to one of three tiers: budged, mid, high-end, and your decision is reduced to “which one can I afford?”.

I have bought some of these prebuilt gaming PCs and, while their performance is usually decent, they are so committed to offering broad, middle-of-the-road solutions to everything, the minute I task them with something slightly different, I start seeing their shortcomings. Moreover, even the most recent models are built with already outdated components. This happens because these companies order their parts months in advance so they can stock up and be ready for the launch date. By the time they hit the shelves, their components are already one generation behind compared to what you can find in the wild.

The second option is to take matters into your own hands. This is the most fun alternative for those who love building their own systems. But it is also the most time-consuming. You need to do your own research and find how each component affects the aspect of gaming that is most critical to you. The next step is to order the components (if you actually find them), and wait for them to arrive. Speed will greatly depend on your provider or availability. Then, you must take a whole day to put it all together, test your rig, and install your favorite software. If all of your components work properly, and you don’t have to return anything to the manufacturer and wait for refunds or replacements, you will have spent maybe a month doing all this. Moreover, the results will vary depending on your own skills as a computer builder and tinkerer.

These were the two traditional ways to get your hands on a new gaming rig. As you can see, they both have their pros and cons. But, what if I told you there is a third more efficient way to get yourself a high-performance gaming desktop?

Gaming computer builders today combine the best of both worlds. You can pick current-generation components that address your performance preferences, and have real gaming experts put them together to make sure they all work in perfect synergy to dish out the power you need for your games. This reduces the chances of having faulty components and saves you a ton of time since you get a perfectly functional gaming rig right out of the box.

CLX Gaming is the best gaming computer builder in 2022, hands down. They not only carry the best and latest components from the most important manufacturers. But they also provide critical insights that allow you to understand which components work best together. Their online gaming PC builder allows you to customize even the smallest of details, giving you unprecedented decision-making powers over overclocking, cooling options, and even chassis look and feel. Visit their website today and start building your next gaming PC!

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