Where to Find One of the Best Smoke Shops In Fort Lauderdale Florida?

If you’re looking for the best smoke shops in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, look no further than The Hip Cat Smoke Shop.

Located in “One Mile Style” Las Olas Boulevard, The Hip Cat Smoke Shop is Fort Lauderdale’s hippest smoke shop. It’s the hippest place to be!

After al fresco dining in the area, getting cultured at art galleries and museums, or shopping at over a hundred retail shops in Las Olas, you can drop by the store and take home something to help you unwind for the day.

Below are other reasons why you should consider shopping at The Hip Cat.

1,500 Options
The Hip Cat stocks over 1,500 glass pieces at any given time. With so many glass pipes and smoking accessories to choose from, you’ll never want to go to another shop.

Are you looking for different types of bongs? Do you want something small, large, or something in between? What about your color preference? You can find different options in the store!

Look around, take your time, and find something you can bring home with you to be your home’s new conversation piece.

Two Locations
The Hip Cat has two strategic locations in South Florida. The first location is in Ft. Lauderdale at 1515 Las Olas Boulevard while the second location is in Pompano Beach at 1510 Federal Highway.

Both locations have everything you’ll need for your next smoking session. From rolling papers to dry herb vapes and a huge selection of pipes, you’ll have plenty of reasons to visit one or both of them!

Variety of Products
The Hip Cat sells both trendy and classic pieces to make your shopping experience satisfying and fun! They have cases and shelves lining their walls full of different assortment of smoking pipes, water pipes, spoons, chillums, and many others!

Unique Pieces
If you’re looking for head shops that also carry unique glass pieces, The Hip Cat is the place to be. They have glass pieces you’ll never find anywhere else.

This is due to the fact that some of their popular products in the store are made by professional glassblowers and other local artists. The pieces made by these artists have distinctive styles and are novel in variety.

So if you want something rare, you can’t go wrong with any of their unique glass pieces in the store.

High Quality
The Hip Cat builds their reputation not just on being the hippest head shop out there but also on providing high-quality products.

The quality of the product affects the quality of your smoking experience. So if you’re looking for quality in your smoking device and smoking accessories, The Hip Cat Smoke Shop is your best choice.

20% OFF Offer
The Hip Cat is all about giving back to its loyal customers. So you’ll find that giving discounts to their customers is not something new in their stores.

At the moment, they are offering 20% OFF on purchases in their store in exchange for a selfie or groupie anywhere in South Florida. Check it out on their homepage.

The Best Staff in the Industry
This head shop has some of the best smoking experts on staff. Their staff not only understands where you’re coming from as a smoker themselves, but they have also likely tried every product you ever tried—or not tried yet.

You can count on their staff to help you with your questions and concerns, and make you feel like a king with the kind of customer service that their loyal customers have come to expect from them.

So check out The Hip Cat Smoke Shop and find out why they’re called the hippest smoke shop and why they’re one of the best smoke shops in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Plan your visit today!

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