Why a Dedicated Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board Is the Stealth Option You’ve Not Yet Heard of

Stand-up paddleboards: if you haven’t heard of them, you’ve seen them. These are the boards (also known as SUPs) that, well, literally allow you to paddle while standing up.

They’re popular for their portability, affordability, and ease of use. Plus, they’re great for keeping active. Stand-up paddleboarding is a great exercise!

But let’s touch on something that hasn’t gotten enough attention as of yet: fishing and stand-up paddle boards.

If you love to fish and want to get on the water, then a SUP can be a perfect alternative to a boat. In fact, not only can you fish from a paddle board but doing so even offers some unique advantages!

Perfect for Sight Fishing
Some fishermen – especially finesse fishermen and those that fly fish – sight cast to fish. To do so, you need to actually be able to see your target.

Canoes, kayaks, and most fishing boats ride pretty low in the water, making it difficult to see fish underneath the surface. Also, at a lower angle, glare is exaggerated, compounding this issue.

Unsurprisingly, with a SUP, you are literally standing up. That’s like the whole purpose. This gives you a top-down view, some might say a bird’s eye view, making it easier for you to target fish and go after them.

Less Noise, Less Disturbance
Fishing stand-up paddleboards have another advantage over motor-driven vessels. They’re silent.

Some fish are notoriously weary. Trout, for example, are not only leader shy but can be spooked by lights, shadows, and of course, noise. Some fish will just get lockjaw when a sound spooks them!

The good news about fishing from a paddleboard is that they are also very silent. As silent or more silent than a canoe or fishing kayak, and significantly quieter than boats with electric or gasoline motors.

In other words, fishing boards can help you sneak up on fish with less of a chance of being heard.

Casting Clearance
Even though boats can get you out on the water and are versatile with respect to getting you near your quarry, casting clearance can be a big pain.

Casting effectively from a sitting position is very difficult and (except for experienced fishermen) can compromise accuracy and range.

However, stand-up paddleboards often have traction pads, high weight capacities, and are very stable platforms. You can stand in them and fish all day with minimal fatigue – as well as with minimal risk of falling over as compared to a canoe or kayak.

Standing is beneficial enough for fishermen toting casters and spinners – but it’s a near necessity for fly guys. Fly casting from a sitting position is a rare skill that few fly fishermen possess. Standing makes it much easier – remember, fly casting is really a whole-body activity.

Imagine the stability of a bass boat but the size and portability of a small kayak – that’s what you get with a fishing stand-up paddleboard.

Size, Affordability, and Portability
Size, affordability, and portability are also big draws of stand-up paddle boarding and fishing.

SUPs are usually about the same size as fishing kayaks and small canoes, but they can be much lighter. This makes it easier for most people to cartop a SUP to their favorite waterbody.

In addition, many SUPs are significantly more affordable than bass boats and some Jon boats, making them more attractive in certain scenarios.

Add in the fact that many SUPs have plenty of room for fishing gear and some even have front and rear attachment points and amenities like fishing rod holders, and you have a setup that is highly practical.

Where Can I Get a Fishing Stand-Up Paddle Board?
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