Why a French Terry Sweatshirt Dramatically Improves Your Wardrobe

When you finally get to enjoy something great, you often look back and wonder how you could have ever settled for anything less.

We often see that when people switch over from poorly made fast fashion to high-quality clothing made with care and integrity. You can tell pretty quickly when a company is trying to crank out as much as possible for the lowest costs you could imagine, and when they are trying to make great products using quality materials and construction. An easy way to check on a brand’s level of integrity is through their staple pieces, items that are meant to be kept in your life for years and years. Sweaters and sweatshirts are great examples of this kind of clothing.

A well-made French terry sweatshirt in particular can make you want to replace all of the cheap, scratchy sweaters in your closet for one or two high-quality pieces. A good sweatshirt can go a long way in your wardrobe, so you really want to go for a quality piece made with pure cotton rather than a lousy substitute. Get yourself a high-quality French terry sweatshirt and see the difference for yourself. You might notice a few things standing out to you as being better than what you imagined.

Ultra-Soft Fabric
French terry fabric is a knit material that is created by weaving cotton fibers in a particular way that you can recognize on sight. On one side of the material they will have the loops that you are used to seeing on the outside of the clothing, and on the other side they have piles of yarn lining the interior portion.

You may have seen this in some of your clothing and never realized it had a name, but it is a particular type of knit fabric, well-loved for its many attributes. This type of fabric is best-known for its softness and comfort. It is a super soft material that seemingly only gets softer over time through washes. The fabric on the interior is plush and feels great against even sensitive skin.

If you are looking for a sweater or sweatshirt that can keep you feeling cozy and comfortable, the French terry sweatshirt is a great choice. This soft cotton fabric is great for times when you want to prioritize comfort over anything else, although it is a versatile fabric that can also be found in a huge range of styles, so you can find a premium French terry sweatshirt in a color or design that suits your tastes while keeping you feeling great.

Sweat & Moisture Wicking
As if it were not already comfortable enough, French terry sweatshirts keep getting better. Cotton is sweat and moisture wicking, so it is able to catch sweat or water as it hits the fabric and bring it up to the surface, while air flow comes through to dry the skin and fabric.

Cotton fibers are highly breathable, unlike many synthetic materials, so it allows air to pass through. It feels lighter on the skin since the natural airflow keeps your skin from feeling suffocated by plastic fibers that latch onto water and sweat. This kind of fabric does well in the summer or winter because of the breathability and moisture wicking properties. Your skin always feels fresh and comfortable in a French terry sweatshirt.

If there is anything to take away from all of this, it’s that you should be thoughtful when choosing staple pieces in your wardrobe like sweatshirts that you wear frequently. Prioritizing quality gives you longer-lasting clothing that you can enjoy more while you have it. You can find some excellent pieces like this at justsweatshirt.com made from 100% cotton fabrics, so check them out for your perfect French terry sweatshirt.

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