Why Are Gusseted Poly Bags The Best Way To Pack Your Products?

There are many ways to package your products to keep them fresh while showcasing their content in an alluring way. However, most producers and business owners favor poly bags because of their versatility, durability, and cost-efficiency. Moreover, poly bag manufacturers like EdcoSource made it their mission to create incredibly safe poly bags for foodstuff.

However, not every poly bag is the same. There is a favorite among producers because of its amazing properties and enhanced flexibility: The gusseted poly bag.

What Are Gusseted Poly Bags?
Gussets have been used for centuries to reinforce mobile pieces of clothing or armor. They solve problems posed by the many ways the human body can move. When creating sleeved garments, gussets were used to give the wearer more mobility and grant the piece more durability.

The concept was translated to many other industries and products such as plastic bags. Gusseted bags add a triangular section to the bottom or side of the bag to add breadth. The result is an expandable bottom that adds more storage space and allows the bag to stand upright. Gusseted bags are also more durable as this versatile configuration adds structural strength, allowing for heavier loads.

What Are The Benefits Of Gusseted Poly Bags?
As mentioned before, gussets add flexibility, strength, and stability. These three elements translate into incredible benefits in terms of productivity, marketing, and storage.

They Increase Productivity
Gusseted poly bags are affordable making them a cost-effective solution for packaging processes. They remain in a stable position, making the packing process a breeze. They are also reliable and durable, reducing waste and preventing hiccups during production. Of course, you need high-quality gusseted poly bags that are reliable if you want to guarantee a seamless production process.

They Make Storage Easier
Due to their ability to remain in a vertical position, and their added capacity, gusseted poly bags are ideal for safely storing products while taking up less space. They not only hold homogeneous products (cereals, grains, fabrics). They are ideal for holding oddly shaped or bulky items and still conserve their space-saving properties without a problem.

They Reinforce Your Marketing Strategy
Gusseted poly bags are popular among businesses and marketers that need to keep their products neatly on display. The shape of these bags provides ample front and back space for branding. They look great when displayed on shelves as they are transparent enough to showcase the products, but solid enough to offer added protection. These features help increase product visibility and sales.

As you can see, gusseted poly bags are incredibly versatile and cost-effective. If you need to learn more about gusseted bags, or need to find the best bags for your products and needs, visit EdcoSource. They manufacture high-quality and durable gusseted poly bags in bulk. All of their products are affordable and available in a wide range of gauges and sizes. As they are made from LLDPE, they are also recyclable. Visit their website today!

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