Why Are RAW Rolling Papers So Popular?

Rolling your own smoking products (namely, cigarettes) is a much older practice than you might have expected. At least 400 years ago, there was enough commercial demand for “rolling papers” that they were sold in sheets from which tobacco consumers could cut out sections to roll their own cigarettes.

The practice hasn’t changed so much, only the quality of the products on the market, and there is always room for improvement and innovation. RAW, for instance, which only began in 1995, has been delivering high-quality rolling papers to smoke shops and smokers around the country that have been designed to offer a pleasant rolling experience and a purer smoking experience.

What Makes RAW Papers Different?
RAW Papers, which are made in Alcoy, Spain, produce a number of different types of rolling papers and pre-rolled cones.

There are a few key features that distinguish RAW rolling papers from other competitors. The first is that RAW papers are made from pure plant fibers and include no dyes, chalk, or burn additives. Their rolling papers and unbleached and unrefined, which gives them their distinctive, off-white, somewhat rustic appearance.

While they contain no burn additives, many RAW papers are finished with RAW’s distinctive criss-cross imprint which helps to deliver an even burn, with little to no canoeing.

The Importance of Quality Rolling Papers
RAW’s purpose has been to create purer, better rolling papers, and RAW products are among the premier options in the market for smoking products.

Because RAW refuses to use any additives, dyes, or chalks, and does use burn additives, dye, or bleach the plant fibers, there is nothing to interfere with the quality of the smoke.

RAW rolling papers let you taste the pure essence of your contents, savoring the smoke without any unpleasant, interposing aromas.

In addition, quality rolling papers are also valuable because they can promote an even burn and better airflow, for a smoother draw.

What Sorts of Products Does RAW Sell?
RAW sells a number of different products, including but not limited to:

● Classic Rolling Papers

● RAW Cones, including larger (12”) “Supernatural” cones

● Pre-rolled tips for ease of construction

● RAW organic hemp rolling papers

● And more

All of RAW’s products are intended to make rolling your own smoking products easier while delivering a purer, classic smoking experience as the result.

Are Hemp Rolling Papers Really Better?
Some of the most interesting products in the RAW lineup are RAW’s Organic Hemp Rolling Papers. Hemp rolling papers are great for rolling tobacco and legal smoking herbs

This is because hemp fibers tend to create a thicker paper that is easier to roll, even in damp, humid air. Hemp papers offer a slow to medium burn time and burn evenly, helping to prevent canoeing.

Also, like all RAW rolling papers, RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers are unrefined, unbleached, and made without dyes, chalks, or any other additives, so you can enjoy a purer smoking experience.

Where Can You Get RAW Papers Wholesale?
Looking for RAW papers wholesale? Go where you can get not only these but all of the other essentials you need to keep the lights on in your smoke shop.

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